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The power of a good lipstick

Feeling like you’re missing something when you’re ready for a night out? Need a bit of colour to add to your little black dress?


Honestly? I’m obsessed. Every payday I add a new one to my collection and with about 100 different shades to choose from, it gets kind of exciting; the thought of what shade to buy next. Whether you feel fierce, innocent, wild, sassy or classy, I guarantee you will find the perfect lipstick shade to accompany you on a night out and actually, for day to day wear too; there are many stripped back nude shades that look fabulous with a pair of jeans!

Why  a MAC lipstick?

It stays on… whether you want it to or not. Apply a few coats of lipstick and you’ll have pretty lips all night and from experience, I have even woken up with my lipstick still perfectly applied, even after all the drinking.

Another thing I love about MAC lipsticks is the sassy names that are matched with the shades. A personal favourite of mine is snob. It is a bright baby pink and if you’re girly like me, this will be the lip candy you need in your life.

I never used to wear lipsticks. I only ever had one, which was red and was for special occasions and even then, the shade didn’t match my skin tone and I just looked like a ghost-clown. Then I was introduced to MAC and all of the wonderful lipstick shades they have and now they have become my favourite accessory for the perfect night out. I’m going out tonight and I’m already excited about the process of deciding which pretty shade to wear!

Ok, so listening to me babble on about lipstick shades is probably quite dull,  but surprisingly, wearing a lipstick that compliments my face and skin colour actually boosts my confidence, which at times can be very low. For this reason, I wanted to share my confidence-boosting secret with you all.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good lipstick.


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