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That post-baby belly – how to lose it!

Yes! Those nine months are finally over, you’ve just given birth to the most wonderful little bundle. But once all the commotion and fuss has died down you start to feel anxious to lose that baby weight. Wait a minute! What is exactly the rush? So what if you fancy that last slice of cake or that Mars Bar? Have it! Go on! It is so frustrating when people expect you to jump back into shape at the click of their fingers, the most important thing after giving birth is not to rush.

So, when exactly is a healthy time to start to lose weight after giving birth?

Your body is still a raging mess of pregnancy hormones (unfortunately they will still be in your body for up to two years after giving birth!) and if you’re breast feeding, your body’s nutrients and a balanced diet is even more essential to your well-being than ever before. So, start to put the health of your body first before that incredibly daft idea of dropping a dress size.

How soon after the birth can I start to lose the weight?

For starters, it is very important that you give your body time to recover from the ordeal of labour. It was one hell of a stressful time on your body and it is very important to wait. It is highly advisable to wait at least until you have had your postnatal check with your doctor, this is roughly about six weeks after you have given birth.
Adjusting to your new life with a newborn requires a lot of energy, starting too soon can hamper your progress – look after you!

How can I lose the weight safely?

Like any other time in your life when you’re trying to lose a few pounds, the mix of healthy eating as well as exercising is the most effective way of shifting the weight. If you eat healthy, when you exercise, your body will burn the fat and not the lean tissue.
Here are some general tips to help you achieve that healthy weight you desire:

Never ever skip your breakfast, please always make time for it! You are less likely to snack throughout the day.
Include more portions of fibre-rich food in your diet like beans, oats and lentils. These also have less sugar in them than the less healthy options.
Try and at least eat your five-a-day. Come on, it’s obvious isn’t it? The more fruit and vegetable you eat, the more energy you will have.
Detox! Try and go a few days a week where you drink more water and limit your consumption of coffee, tea and juice.
Reduce any intake of fatty or sugary foods – especially those with artificial sugars in.
Do not consume empty calories – they have absolutely no benefit for your body. items such as alcohol.

I’m finding it hard to actually find the time to exercise. What can I do to make time?

You need to avoid any strenuous exercise for the first six weeks after giving birth. But there is nothing stopping you fitting in walks with your baby into your day. Also, when you have passed those first six weeks, every time you go up and down the stairs at home, run up and down them!
There are also many mother and pram related exercise classes in your local area, or mother and baby swimming sessions. a fab way of meeting new mums like yourself!

Just try and not to get frustrated! I know it is frustrating but it can take time to get back into shape after giving birth. As well, your body changes so much during pregnancy, your body may have required a new shape, even when you have lost the initial weight. Go on, keep trying, I know you can…


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