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Poem of Depression

How depression is making me feel at the moment (only good thing that comes out of my post depression state would be these moments where I can write something that helps explain how it feels)

Teardrops in the rain,
Doesn’t mean a thing,
As you can’t feel my pain,
So why would you stop the sting?
My heart will explode again
And the blank page will freeze my pen.
A suffocating buy nolvadex amazon blanket, is my only friend.
No candle in the dark
No hope in my mind
It takes it all and buries it…
Somewhere, somewhere in time.
Don’t be sad, don’t be mad,
Don’t be anything at all
You’re a puppet in my control
Stuck in this abyss – you can’t let go
There’s nothing down here
Nothing at all
Just an empty chest of promises you can’t keep
And that… That is something to reap.


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