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Me Plus Bump

Whilst I was pregnant I started to keep a diary about the challenges of being a first time expectant mother. My little lady is 14 months now but I’ve decided to publish someof my ¬†ramblings anyway…

Before I was pregnant I always thought that maternity clothes would be a must from 8 weeks onwards, however at 6 months the only ‘maternity’ item of clothing I had purchased was a maternity swimsuit because I was going to a spa for the weekend and didn’t fancy outing my bump in a bikini. I have come to realise that comfort is the key factor especially in the later stages of pregnancy and have started to invest in some maternity bra’s that a few weeks ago I looked at in horror explaining that no matter how pregnant I was I still wanted to look nice. Fast forward a few weeks and I couldn’t care less what I look like, so long as I am comfortable. I have also (after a lot of searching) found some maternity leggings that come right up over my bump and are possibly the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever owned. After a couple of shopping trips with my mum I was forced into admitting that if I was going to opt for clothes from normal shops, I was going to have to buy the bigger size. Initially this struck horror from within and I refused to take the bigger size into the fitting room, convinced that I was no bigger really expect for my bump and surely my usual size would still be ok…’how are you doing’ my mum asks ‘Fine!’ I exclaim trying to sound as normal as possible while attempting to squeeze a tube dress over my bump. When I come out 10 minutes later looking red and flustered I explain that whilst my normal size was fine, I’d better get the bigger one so I can grow into it. ‘Oh right’ my mum mutters with a knowing look on her face as we head towards the till…


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