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Pink Parcel: beauty product review

I really love this concept and I think you ladies will too!


You know when it’s ‘that time of the month’ , we all need a bit of TLC? Well, this is where Pink Parcel comes in. Pink Parcel have designed a cute little box filled with everything you need to get you through your period, including a HUGE supply of tampons, chocolate (well duh?!) and some more wonderful goodies to make you feel good.

Photo 03-12-2014 6 40 34 pm

The packaging is sleek and elegant and made me very excited to see what was inside. When you open it up, you are then faced with two boxes and a little bag.

Photo 03-12-2014 6 42 51 pm

The bag, which is designed for you to slip into your handbag, contains a few tampons which is indeed very essential to us women and the middle box contains some more, just in case you run out! Then the box marked ‘For You’ is where the magic is….

Photo 03-12-2014 6 44 40 pm

Look at all the goodies! Included in the ‘For You’ box are the following: Doisy Dam Dark Goji and Orange Chocolate, Gluco Tabs, x2 pairs of False Eyelashes, perfect for Christmas parties! You also get some Teapig Chocolate Flake Tea, ROC Mutli Correction Moisturiser and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. How wonderful is that?! You really get a chance to pamper yourself. This changes every month, however, so the surprises just keep on coming!

Photo 03-12-2014 8 45 45 pmPhoto 03-12-2014 8 45 06 pm

I LOVE the 8 Hour Cream! I put some on last night and now my skin feels just lovely!

All in all Pink Parcel are indeed doing a great thing here for us women. If you feel you need a little pick me up when that time comes around, I would highly recommend getting yourself to their website and signing up! It is very simple to do too! First off, you get to choose your favourite brand  of sanitary product, let them know when your period is due then you will receive your parcel and enjoy!

The cost is £9.95 a month but £5.95 for the first month as an introductory offer and to be honest I think this is great. When you think about how much you would  spend on just your sanitary products alone, this is a bargain!

They also do a Teen Box, just for teenage girls which again is a wonderful idea and a great treat.

So why not treat yourself ladies? Head over to www.pinkparcel.co.uk today.

(All opinions/thoughts have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Pink Parcel box kindly donated for me to review)


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