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Fiona Millington-Pipe is an experienced and very talented photographer.

Earlier this year Fiona created a non-profit organisation called Forever with You, an amazing organisation and group of photographers who are working together to make something truly beautiful!

I chatted to Fiona to find out what inspired her and what Forever with You is all about.

So Fiona, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a full-time teacher at a local private school, I run my own photography business and I’m a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and mum to two girls aged nine and five.

What inspired you to create Forever with You?

Forever with You was inspired during a time of personal crisis after my husband was hit by a lorry on his pushbike. As a result of his injuries they discovered he had a swollen spleen and then we went on a terrific roller coaster of possible diagnosis.

It was a terrible time for us and we were very frightened. During this time I took A LOT of family selfies… I wanted images of everything we did together for the future.

I also created a family album with just these selfies in… I wanted a reminder of us all, for if the worst should happen.

So, what is Forever with You all about?

Forever With You is a new organisation that is designed to offer families where one of the parents is terminally ill an opportunity to gather some professional family photos together.

I’ve got a group of professional photographers together who are all passionate about helping.

Many people I have spoken to about the idea have commented that after losing a parent they wished they had something to look back on, that captured their family, especially to look back on in later years.

So, what do you and your photographers offer?

We offer a full professional photoshoot for the family and then the images in a digital format.

We give the family the printing copyright for the files so they can then be used to print their own pictures or albums independently or they can purchase prints and canvases through their photographer at Forever With You prices.

There is no hard sell. If the family only want the digital files THAT IS FINE. There is no cost for the photoshoot, the photographers’ time or the digital files.

Only if the family choose to purchase prints and canvasses through the photographer will their be a charge but this will be at Forever with You prices.

What can people do to help spread the word?

Share on Facebook! Speak to their own local organisations about getting us in!

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