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The personal trainer’s guide to weight loss

Let’s face it, we all feel we could improve our bodies. Be it to drop a few pounds, be bikini ready or increase our muscle mass; we all have our own goals. As women, we are more sensitive and aware. I’ve always envied my male friends who have balls and tons of confidence; they go for girls way out of their league and strut their stuff despite a little bit of extra weight, skinny legs or a few cheeky spots; but us girls, we obsess over our bodies… We constantly strive for perfection, discussing perceived flaws with our girlfriends over coffee.

So what about the industry we look to for support? Gym instructors, class instructors and personal trainers – how do they do it?

Unfortunately there is no secret weapon. They go through the same things we do. I’ve spent over six years in the fitness industry and have had the same conversations with colleagues as I have with clients. Here are the tips I’ve collated over the years…

The Rollercoaster of Life

It helps to view fitness and diet as a rollercoaster, similar to the old Lloyds TSB television adverts where a family ride the rollercoaster of life together. It’s no short term fix and you have your highs and lows. Some weeks you could work really hard and not see much in the form of results and then, all of a sudden, the weight drops off and you see a physical difference in your shape. The main thing here is to never give up! Perseverance is key, and over time you will see incredible changes.

Step Away From the Scales

If you are training hard please do not weight yourself. Body fat and measurements are a much better reflection! Muscle weighs more than fat and it hurts to see friends and clients feel so disheartened after obsessing over a number.

Don’t Give Up

Injuries, bugs and longer-term, more serious illnesses can really get in the way of training. I gained nearly two stone one year from a mixture of a hormone imbalance and relationship weight gain; there were tears and tantrums and I still haven’t lost all the weight I gained. But, I will never give up. If you’re ill or injured then rest up, if not, train hard. Make your training and diet a lifestyle choice so you can always recover from challenges.


Us women love a bit of what we fancy. But unfortunately nutrition is more important than training. I advocate having treats, we need to enjoy life girls, but we also need to remember that our body is an engine. We need to feed it the right amount of energy balancing carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Many personal trainers can put together a balanced meal plan for you based on your goals to help achieve this.


Make sure you don’t overdo it and burn the candle at both ends. A tired body is a sluggish body. You need sleep so that your body can repair and refuel cells overnight.


Finally, the most important one I’ve noticed over the years is to find what motivates you! It isn’t enough to just say I want to lose weight. Why do you want to do it? Find your inspiration and use it. If it’s for your wedding then stick photos and post its up as reminders around your home. Do you want a model worthy body? Find photos of women you aspire to look like and stick them up (although please don’t use airbrushed versions). The diet and fitness journey can be hard, you will never be 100% driven at all times so find what will encourage you during the lows and inspire you to work harder through the highs.

I wish all you lovely ladies the best on your journey of self improvement. But before you go please remember one thing: You are beautiful as you are! So just make sure that you remember that and embrace your positives. We only have one life so there’s no point obsessing and wasting time whilst aspiring and working to our goals. I am the worst for wanting more, it’s just human nature, but I ensure in the meantime I still love myself. I buy clothes to compliment my body shape and know I have a toned pert bum, even if carrying a few extra pounds, so I’ll be sure to show that off… whilst aspiring to be mistaken for a WBFF model….

Take care ladies and stay gorgeous, Jules x


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