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PDH’s- The New Public Display

Everyday we are all witnesses to PDA’s (public displays of affection) by some smug couple who are so in love they are unable to walk down the street without touching/kissing/stroking each other. But a new public display is becoming rapidly popular and it’s happening right under our noses.

The Public Display of Habits! Yes, the general public have decided to push the boundaries on their most annoying and disgusting habits and bring them into the public eye! Do these people have no shame?

Here is the lowdown on the worst offenders!

The Traffic Light Nose Picker
Mistaking their car as a place of refuge, The Traffic Light Nose Picker seems to be so busy that they need to use their time wisely and take the 30 seconds until the light turns green to clear their nose, with their finger! Unless it’s a thing of they like to live their life on the edge and have a game with themselves, how many snots can be extracted before the lights change. WE CAN SEE YOU, after all your car does have windows!

The Spot Popper
Using any shiny surface possible, whether it is a shop window, a car wing mirror or even the foil from a chocolate bar, The Spot Popper will take the shine as a sign for getting rid of their pesky white heads! Or even worse, their loved ones spots! EWW!

The Selfie Taker
Any backdrop will do for The Selfie Taker! Spending a good 15 minutes trying to capture that perfect profile picture involves many angles, and many more facial expressions! Although it’s annoying, it can also be hilarious to witness!

The Spitter
The Spitter! Enough said! It is so SO unnecessary to gob all over the pavement! Or as I witnessed the other day, out of that tiny crack of window you get on trains! Repeat after me… swallow!

The Technology Trawler
So obsessed with technology, their iPhone is like an extension of their arm, and being online must be a constant thing. The Technology Trawler becomes in charge of the walkway, looking down at their phone means you must kill yourself to avoid them! Heaven forbid they actually look up for a second at the world around them!

PDH’s,  let’s put a stop to them!


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