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Pamper evening

Ok, so this is something that I enjoy a little too often. Being a beauty product enthusiast, I definitely make sure that I use all my favourite things and any new products that I can test to see if I like them! Anyway, I personally think that it’s really important for everyone to put aside some time, maybe one evening a week, or more, to spoil themselves. This is definitely for people who like to be a bit self indulge, which admittedly I do too much!

So, this is what I did. I ran a deep bubble bath, using a cute night time bubble bath. This is going to sound strange but I really hate punchy tangy smelling toiletries (oranges lemons and citric smells just ewwwww), but I love smells like almonds, vanilla, musk and soft smells although winter and autumn gives an excuse for spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon! I then lit some  Yankee Candles called ‘Fluffy Towels’ which were amazing and smelt so good. They basically smell of freshly washed clothing, which is one of my favourite smells and just reminds me of home and cosiness. I then washed my face before I got in the bath, which is super important for removing makeup so your pores don’t get clogged up from the steam! I applied the ‘Fab Pore face mask, from Soap & Glory, which is my favourite at the moment and makes your face feel all fresh and minty. I washed my hair using Aussie’s ‘Frizz Miracle’ Shampoo & Conditioner (I’ve always struggled with stupidly frizzy and curly hair but this I’ve found really helps!). If any of you girls out there have hair like mine, I sympathise with you but do try the Aussie Frizz Miracle shampoo!

After all of this, I used a bath bomb. I love them way too much and this one was from Lush and called ‘Butter Bear’. It’s super cute and full of Cocoa Butter, which moisturises your skin and leaves you smelling lovely. I then used Porridge soap from Lush (perfect for sensitive skin and for people with skin conditions), which I recommend wholeheartedly! I don’t want to give you all allergic reactions, so check it is suitable for you! I was then pretty much done, I jumped out, got dry, put a onesie on, had some dinner and caught up on Made In Chelsea in bed, all snug and clean and moisturised with my vanilla Body Butter from the Body Shop.

Advice from me:

Do choose a good time of the day to have a cosy nice bath, not before you’re about to go out so then you can just wind down and have a nice evening.

Do have all your stuff ready, you don’t want to linger across the landing to your room because you forgot something!

Don’t hate yourself for a bit of self indulgence, learn to love what you’re doing and treat yourself as you deserve it!

Do tell your family or whoever you live with that you’re doing. The last thing you need is someone banging on the bathroom door because they need to poo (this happens to me way too much unfortunately).

Don’t let the bath run for too long (this also happens way too much to me).

Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think!


  • Sounds like bliss! I enjoy a good bath too. I usually have a bath on a Sunday when I know I have nothing to do and can just relax straight after it. I have been loving the smell of vanilla at the moment as it has be proven to de-stress :-) xx

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