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Baby massage

Overthinking things…

As I tip-toe into my little lady’s room one evening to check on her I notice that the temperature on her digital room thermometer is quite high and the room is relatively warm. I march downstairs and tell my husband that it is much too hot in her room and we need to do something about it. As my husband starts to rationally discuss the steps we could take to cool the room down I cut straight across him – “We need to swap rooms!” I go on to explain that this needs to be done immediately and we are putting the baby at risk by letting her sleep in a room similar to a sauna. My husband calmly explains that her room is much smaller than ours for a start and our furniture wouldn’t fit anyway, besides which we can keep the windows open longer, strip her off to her nappy and have a fan in the room to keep it cool. I start to explain the factual information I have come across about the temperatures of baby’s rooms and also how a fan works, by moving hot air around, not actually cooling a room down…We are at loggerheads so I decide to consult my fairy godmother and babsylou’s actual godmother for some advice, knowing of course that she is bound to back me up I resist the urge to tell her that if she doesn’t agree with swapping rooms then she is effectively taking the hubby’s side. I don’t need to tell her this, she will totally back me up. She doesn’t. She explains that we just need to strip her off and have a fan in the room to cool things down.


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