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Coconut oil and fresh coconut

Organic coconut oil – a miracle product!

This product is amazing. I first ordered it when I developed sebhoric dermatitis on my face in the summer and read, on lots of natural skincare sites, about how coconut oil could cure this, or at least sooth the symptoms.

It’s great as a facial moisturiser as it’s packed full of healing vitamin E, making it perfect¬†for anyone with a dry skin condition such as dermatitis or eczema. At the time I was suffering with this condition, I was actually trying out a routine of my own and in the few days it took for the coconut oil to arrive, I’d managed to get rid of the dermatitis myself and thought the oil might be too heavy for my oily skin type. One sniff of the coconut oil though and I was hooked.

So what do I use it for? Well, it makes an amazing body lotion. It’s solid so what i tend to do is get a teaspoon and dig out a little oil with that and then rub it on my skin (as soon as it comes into contact with body heat the solid oil melts to a liquid and is easily rubbed in). I also sometimes take out the solid ball which is sort of loose in the tub and rub it all over my body like you would a bar of soap. I’m prone to scarring and I have quite a few on my legs, the vitamin E in coconut oil helps repair skin and I’ve noticed a real difference in one particular stubborn scar on my ankle. I also add a teaspoon to a hot bath. The smell is incredible and it makes your skin so smooth and supple, helping to hydrate your skin in winter.

I’ve also heard of people using it on the ends of their hair in a similar way you would apply other hair oils or masks. I have tried this and unfortunately it was too oily for my hair, but I think if my hair was drier it would be ideal to hydrate and repair my hair. However, I did find that it works well as an intensive repair mask. I apply it to the ends of my hair, leave it a good few hours in the evening, and then wash it out with my usual shampoo/conditioner routine. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable and really helps repair damaged or dry ends.

I buy my coconut oil from online store Naissance, either directly from their website or from amazon, their prices start at a very reasonable £2.69. Find it here.


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