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‘Oh To Be A Grown Up…’

When did time suddenly fast forward so rapidly that amongst my dazed whirlwind of exuberant youth, and all the tenacity it held, I was spiralled into the reality of being a ‘grown-up.’ It only felt like yesterday I was running around screaming in Asda, well it probably was yesterday, old habits die hard! I want to be taken back to life being so free and the only thing that would be pressing my younger self would be who was my favourite Spice Girl (this mastermind of a question still perturbs me).

All those effortless years, unconsciously just having fun, playing with your mates in the street and stealing the odd sweet from Woolworth’s Pick ‘n’ Mix all seem like one big distant memory. How we all longed to ‘grow-up’ so we could just do what we want, while yelling ‘I hate you’ to our parents as a common adolescent term of endearment.

Oh to be young again I say, to be a right little s…weetheart! Growing-up is far more of an inconvenience. Bills and an ever-increasing Uni debt now hold precedence over your life and what is the deal with council tax? Do they not know that I NEED clothes?!

Wow, life really smacked me right in the face and left me with an essence of bewilderment. You ‘grow- up’ so quickly and it is only through a reminiscent reverie of nostalgia that you truly realise your youth has literally just slipped through your fingers. I’m not saying that I’m opposed to adulthood, but I am somewhat mournful for my lost childhood, that for me was so jubilant. So I say, rekindle that youth! You may be an adult but you’re never too old to just let loose and enjoy life. Be wild and wacky, after all, Emmerdale and X Factor are always on catch-up, so let the living commence!


  • Tell me about it! I’m 24 and I can’t believe how time is flying by. I now have a car, a credit card and paying rent. Super scary! I would love to go back and be a child, knowing what I know now of course :) x

    • Melanie Melanie says:

      Let the reverse cycle of childhood begin I say. All this grown up lark is definitely a scary process :).x

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