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Nutrition Trends: From Paleo To Plant-Based

When we say paleo – it actually inclines what our ancestors have eaten in order to survive throughout the ages. It’s literally the caveman diet that’s primarily based on meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, while excluding dairy or cereal products as well as processed food. It sounds good, because lean, pure meat with lots of wild plants is natural, but in this modern world it is too difficult to return to the roots.

Plant based diet

Right now, if we were to avoid eating dairy, grains and other components of a modern everyday diet, we’ll miss out on some of the key nutrients needed to sustain our bodies. If you’re not careful with your lean meat choices, you might end up having heart problems and other risks. However, there is a solution to this dietary malady, considering that you feel the need for change in the first place, and it’s based on raw food and heavy consumption of plants.

Our bodies are initially designed for digesting and processing plants, we are technically herbivores, but it was in our nature to curiously try out diverse nutrients found in our surroundings, which ultimately led to our brain development and enhanced growth. Yes, food was the gateway to our developed sentience and intellect. Now, plant-based diets may be effective for weight loss, but experts claim that it’s “impossible to follow and its nutritional completeness and safety is of the issue.”

Vegans are a perfect example of following this restrictive diet, but even if some people do choose to add raw or undercooked meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, it’s not appropriate for children because it can cause growth problems and other defects. You may have a high-protein and high-fat intake, but without the carbohydrates to match, it would be like eating a stake without potatoes, which is poor for health is this regime persists.

Embrace veggies


So what diet is claimed to be most beneficial for our sustainment? The so-called DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is ranked No.1 and it is quite similar to the Mediterranean dishes that you can find today. It’s heavy on fibre or fruits and vegetables, also low-fat dairy, fish, nuts, whole grains and of course, poultry. It’s not just good for weight control, but it’s excellent for lowering high blood pressure and other blood-related conditions.

Besides working out and a sound mind-set, a diet is what helps you maintain your health, but if you have problems with your heart, the Ornish diet is excellent for clearing out those arteries. It’s practically a plant-based diet that’s simultaneously low in carbs and fat. Include proper exercising and meditation in this wellness plan and you will have no troubles if you have a heart disease or Type 2 diabetes, but on the other hand it is hard to stick to it due to immense fat restrictions that are necessary for our bodies.

What the next year will bring – we won’t know for sure, but trends dictate that vegans are becoming more and more mainstream. Still, the most important thing to worry about is your health, not the dietary currents which masses follow. If a plant-based diet feels good for your body, then by all means stick to it, but if you feel your health deserves something else, there’s always a solution to be found.


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