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Nursery Fashion Wars

When did it become acceptable for the nursery run to turn into a fashion mummy faceoff? Isn’t it enough that we get judged in almost every other aspect of our lives, now the nursery run is also a competition to see who is the best dressed…there I am in my modest jeans and top, hair pulled up into what I like to think of as an artfully messy bun and if I’m lucky like this morning I even had time to put a bit of blusher on. I’m thinking I look ok, nothing spectacular but on the whole a decent 7 out of 10. That is until I get to nursery and all of a sudden I’m surrounded by the yummy mummy crew. There they are with their immaculately curled hair, faces full of makeup and beautiful clothes with fashionable dress jewellery dripping from their manicured hands. I think they are definitely part of some secret yummy mummy society, I imagine they have a funny handshake and to be inducted they roll up their sleeve and the chief yummy mummy shakes some milk from a baby bottle onto their wrist. Surely these women cannot have normal lives? How do they have the time (or the inclination) to get so dressed up to take their kids to nursery? I actually noticed that the babies who are dressed in pretty plain clothes have the yummy mummy’s. Who I suspect to be the chief yummy mummy is actually the mum to a particular baby who seems to wear the same outfit every day, yet she looks like she has stepped off a catwalk…mind you that doesn’t say much for me because my little lady is always immaculate…perhaps I’ll try out cocktail wear next time…


  • Marina Lindsay Marina Lindsay says:

    Too true! It seems we are on the same wavelength Zoe. My article Message from Mummyville is on a similar theme.

  • Marina Lindsay Marina Lindsay says:

    It seems we are on the same wavelength Zoe!

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