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I don’t want no scrub!

Hearing the words “he is absolutely broke” come from my cousins mouth made me feel extremely disappointed. I knew that something was wrong but I did not think that finances would have been the issue. My cousin D also told me that the guy I thought I would be dating is a liar, unmotivated and paranoid. I began to tell her about conversations like when I asked him if he had any holidays booked this year and he replied “Dubai and Jamaica” and the time I asked him where he liked to shop and he replied “Chanel”. I felt like I had been catfished or punked and there was nothing else to do but laugh hysterically at my near escape.

Considering I had only known the young man in question for only two weeks, it was surprising that I felt so unhappy. I had not heard from him since Friday. Our last conversation was about us going on a  date. Him, his cousin who was dating my cousin D and me. Yeah I know, complicated! The whole weekend I sent him messages and called repeatedly to no avail. Then that’s when the demons kicked in. Does he not like me? Did I did something wrong? Am I not his type… So now when I think about it, the fact that he is broke and is scared that he cannot live up to my expectations actually scaring him away had NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. I smile inwardly, mainly because I have had boyfriends with motivation but no money and the reality is, it does not create a healthy relationship.

When we first met we went to Novikov and it was amazing, but I now realise that he didn’t pay for my meal, my cousin D’s date did. When we left the restaurant and D’s date bought her flowers and I sat in the car, he also bought me a bunch. So basically he was all of our sugar daddies for the night. CRINGE.

No, money is not everything, but being your boyfriends sole financial support is nothing to be happy about. He will rely on you but resent you. Evaluating the situation, I can honestly say he was a nice person. But nice does not pay the bills…

Based on a true story… x


  • Mrs Abby Mrs Abby says:

    Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much money someone earns – if any at all, if you love each other, you will find a way to cope. My husband is unable to work due to his disability so I am the sole wage earner. I know he feels bad about this and hates that I have to work as much as I do. But I knew the situation before we got married, we were and still are deeply in love. Would I ever make a different decision if I knew how much we would struggle financially? Not at all. I would much rather be broke with him then well off without him! xx

    • Georgie Georgie says:

      Thanks for your comment. I think my issue here was being lied to and also my past relationships. I’ve been with men who I have provided for and it has been a nightmare. I commend you as a female and I understand your situation, which is a little different to a man having the access to work and choosing to be unmotivated. Again thank you for reading and commenting much appreciated xx

      • Mrs Abby Mrs Abby says:

        Yea I completely understand that. My husband would love to work and bring home a wage but he can’t. Thank you xx

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