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No longer ungrateful

Am I the only person that is ungrateful?

I worked on an event this weekend in which unsung heroes in the community were recognised on the Isle of Man. These people had been through the most unthinkable things in life and come back fighting strong, with inspiring bravery and dedication. Whether they were being a truly devoted parent, a tireless teacher or a young child that is undergoing treatment for an incurable condition, all of these people melted my heart and switched something in my brain:

I take everything in life for granted.

Earlier that day, I had stressed over table plans, napkins and bread rolls. I had reduced myself to tears over how ‘hard’ I found it all and yet, I am perfectly healthy and my life is heading in the direction I’ve always dreamed. How could I have possibly thought I was having a tough time after meeting these people? I felt like a fraud on that stage.

I then watched the horrific news unfold further after the terrible attacks in Paris this weekend and felt even more trivial. What happened on Friday has changed lives forever, not to mention destroyed many completely. This prompted me last night to think about times this has happened in my life before…

We get so caught up in life’s stresses and strains. Whether it’s a broken nail, broken boiler, broken car exhaust, a broken heart or a broken bone, it’s all a matter of perspective. Everything seems like the worst thing to happen until something opens your eyes to make you realise it isn’t. This could be something you see on the news channel or a phone call from a friend with terrible personal news, but either way, taking things for granted seems orthodox until this happens. That is the saddest part and possibly the most selfish part too. Why does something have to open our eyes in the first place? Why can’t we make time to take a step back in life and appreciate what we have? The only times in my life I have actually done this have been when I have had everything thrown into perspective.

Maybe I am the only one. Maybe I’m not. But I hope to make a more conservative effort in future to be thankful, be appreciative and be truly grateful for all the positive and beautiful things in my life. My heart has ached all weekend with the sadness and loss in France, from Friday. I’m thankful that my loved ones are safe and I’m truly sad and sorry that for others that is not the case.

It really shouldn’t take a slap in the face perspective-giver to make us see that…because it might be too late by then.

And with that, I thank you for reading this blog post.


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