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Dieting is a tricky subject. According to the media, almost all women at some point in their lives have or will experience dieting. Not just cutting back on a few unhealthy treats dieting, but fad diets which encourage an unhealthy relationship with food and their own bodies. I have never and am sure that I will never go on a diet. I advise everyone I know to do the same and here is why:

It’s bad for you! Most diets are based on unhealthy approaches to eating which promote cutting out essential food groups so as to lose weight quickly, without any regard for the sacrifices to your health. When you are not allowed to eat avocado because it is full of delicious natural fats, you know you are following the wrong plan.

It’s also effort! Dieting involves careful planning of what you are eating, counting calories and calculating exactly what you are burning. The truth is, if i have the time to do that, I have the time to be doing other, far more important things. Nobody really wants to be that person in a restaurant trying to choose the lowest calorie item.

It supports the ‘must be skinny’ culture that we have allowed to come into full force. We live in a culture where young girls, teenagers and women alike are pressured to constantly be more skinny, as if that is a desirable thing to be. This promotes all kinds of negative mental attitudes, which we should be actively fighting against.

It’s unnecessary! So, I’m being a little presumptive here. The fact is, if you regularly eat in a healthy way, you do not need to diet. Your health and happiness should always be your only priorities. If you eat a lot of junk food and are worried about your health, make a lifestyle change rather than ‘going on a diet’. It will produce better results,make you feel good about yourself and not pile on unnecessary pressure.

Dieting is no fun! The truth is, I love cake. I could not live without chocolate and, sometimes, I enjoy an Indian meal that is sure to be cooked in ghee. Some poxy diet can never persuade me to sacrifice these things. They just make me too happy. I don’t eat them everyday, so when I do, they are a welcome indulgence. Not a ‘guilty pleasure’, because I don’t feel guilty at all.

So go ahead and toss away your scales, take a mallet to your mirrors and just enjoy being a happy, healthy you.


  • Lesley Lesley says:

    I’ve found this very refreshing, Emma, and i not only agree with you but have been thinking the same for years.
    ‘Dieting’ is a mega industry that cons women. This day and age we eat shit most of the time, then diet madly for three weeks of the year.
    It’s ludicrous.
    Far better to just maintain a healthy diet with the odd indulgence.

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