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Be you-nique!

Even as I begin to type this blog today, I am wondering what you will think of it when you read it. I am wondering if anyone will gain something from it, whether people will judge it or hate me for writing it. I am hoping people will like it, be inspired or feel a little better about themselves after reading it. In short, I am obsessed with what the world thinks!

When I write what I really want to say from my heart, it flows, I feel connected, I feel supported and I am not attached to how what I am writing will be perceived as much as I am committed to sharing my truth. However, I, like all of you too, have moments of paralysing fear before I am about to say something true. I have been ridiculed, criticised and worse in the past for speaking my truth to those who were not ready or able to hear it. I have been called horrible names and sent dirty looks from all kinds of directions. And yes, that stuff was not fun and I am glad I don’t have to ever go through that again. But I can sure as hell tell you it’s better than keeping your truth bottled up.

Because in some  kind of way, someday, the truth will ALWAYS out.

 I don’t say this to frighten you, I say it so that you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy avoiding what you know your soul is trying to tell you. And let me tell you this too, I can GUARANTEE that the outcome will never be as bad as you have made up the story to be in your own head. Where in your mind you may have convinced yourself you will be hated, hurt and slandered, quite often you will instead be hugely respected. People might even come up to you and thank you for voicing out loud what they would never dare to say in public.

You have then helped them share their burden and lifted a heavy load from their shoulders.

 Of course there are times and situations when it may not be the wisest time or safest place to share our truth but as long as your pray for guidance and follow God’s lead you will know when it’s right to speak up and when it may be wise to wait a little longer or to another time.

This world is screaming out for truth tellers. For people to step into their original version of the truth and to broadcast it out into the world. It has never been easier to voice yourself in the media and on so many platforms. So make sure you are sharing a message that’s real and from the heart. Ironically that is your surest way to happiness and success.

Don’t be a cardboard cut-out of someone else, no-one can do life quite like you! Even if there are a million other people in your industry, your clients, fans, customers, people will be attracted to YOU when you step into the power that comes with living your truth, authentically and unapologetically!

Not everyone will like it, get it or vibe with it, but that is so ok!!

Someone told me once that not even Mother Theresa was universally liked when she was alive, so it’s very doubtful that you or I will be either. (Sorry to all the people pleasers in the audience, I feel your pain! Lol).

 So as Taylor Swift says, “Shake it off!”

Focus on your audience, the people or even the person who gets so much from what you are sharing and bless and forget the rest! It’s not your business to please them, it’s your business to keep doing what you’re doing!

You are a unique expression of God in human form.

 Rally your angels for support, pray pray pray, ask for and RECEIVE miracles and let’s not waste another day focused on what’s going on out there and focus on what’s going on…

in here  <3  (your beautiful heart).

This post goes out to anyone who has ever felt mediocre or average or even worse, useless or unworthy. You are not! You are worth all of the wonder in the world and more!

Thank you for reading, thank you for not giving up.

You are always in my prayers,


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