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The first night out

My younger cousin turned 18 this week so her sister and I took her out for her very first night out in Liverpool. We bombarded her with all our helpful tips guided by our own experiences and so I thought I’d share a few here and you can maybe add some of your own for any soon-to-be 18 year olds.

Wear big knickers.
First and foremost, I’m a very happy drunk. I love going out to throw shapes, jump around and with the right amount of alcohol I also like to fall down. A lot. It’s no big deal because vodka has the magical properties of turning concrete into a trampoline (until the next day) so I don’t stay down for long but flashing your downstairs to a load of strangers can take the edge off a magnificent, Olympic-esque drop bounce.

Take flats, you’re not a pro yet.
You always hear fellas saying ‘why do you wear them if they make your feet hurt?’ Newsflash, we don’t care what you think. Heels are worn to make your legs look longer, to make you feel good/sexy/feminine and to impress other girls. But there is no shame in whacking your flats out at 2am because, let’s face it, unless you wear them all the time, heels hurt. As well as the fact that up until that point you’d been practising in your heels on carpets at house parties; cobblestones are something else. Turning 18 is the beginning of a love/hate relationship with your feet and the feeling is mutual, so make sure you take good care of them.

Drink shots – Laura’s top tip
I’ve written about this before but I will stand by it forever. By drinking shots you: minimise toilet trips, avoid juice bloating, can measure the amount of alcohol drunk, you can stick to the same drink or mix if you can handle it, cheaper than paying the extra £2-£3 for mixers and you can keep both hands free for fist-pumping and the YMCA. If you need to drink, drink water. Your insides will thank you for that tomorrow.

If a drunk bloke tries to high five you, just do it
It makes them go away quicker. I mentioned this to my cousin and then it happened as if to prove my point. There are more high-fivers around than you realise.

Get used to dancing and moving into empty spaces
Especially on Saturday nights, places can get busy and, unless you can get right in a corner, chances are people are going to try and squeeze past you, whether there’s space or not. It will become a natural instinct to boogie into available spaces and tug your friends away from passers-by they may not have noticed. Note: a gentle hand on the waist to tap people out of the way is acceptable, anything else is not.

There are many other lessons that you must learn for yourself, but hopefully this is a helpful insight of what to expect. 

Disclaimer: Women Make Waves would like to add that above all else, your safety is the MOST important thing on any night out. Drink responsibly and stay with people you know and trust. 


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