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Next please…!

So after the feedback on one of my small write ups, here I am again, this time loaded with detail like potato skins with cheese and bacon. Yes people, I tried to put the two in one sentence. Welcome to my world!

Continuing with the dramas of online dating then… from the three prior dates you can surely understand why I had to say Next Please…!

Essentially, I feel like online dating is about knowing what the definite no areas are, what the maybes are and of course what the yes sirs are. Doesn’t that just sound like a tidbit out of a Dom/ Sub contract? Yes I am referring to the 50 shades of grey trilogy and others like it.

Hey don’t roll your eyes like that!! It is all that the media is going on about in anticipation of the movie’s release on Valentine’s weekend.

Well talking of 50 shades then…

So what are my categories? Go figure, if could actually categorise them into such systematic boxes… food for thought I guess… I’ll start the list right away and get back to you guys once I have a few things jotted down. Do you have any? What are they? Are there variables or ifs and buts? Are there exeptions that you’re willing to makes? What considerations are involved?

Setting the scene:

Met Mr A on one of the numerous online dating websites. He came across as an educated, good looking man with some personality too.

Now people, I’m slightly old fashioned in thinking that the man should at least plan the first date. Mr A suggested we can go here/ there, we can do x/y/z or we could mix it up and think about something like this or that. All this time I’m thinking ‘for goodness sake, you’re planning a first meet not a freaking tampon commercial!! Just sort something, even if it’s just a coffee at a costa / starbucks!’

After about a week of this. We planned to meet at a bar for some drinks, after work, on a Wednesday. He calls the night before and suggests we meet locally as it would be easier. Reluctantly, I agree to this. On the day of, I get a call from him saying ‘hey I’m at this address, would you mind collecting me from here for our date?’

Are you thinking ‘is this for real? Do guys pull stunts like this?In one word… YES! Hmmmmph….!

Shocked and slightly affronted, I collect him. Is this a definite no or a maybe? Is there other things to consider? I mean what else can he spring on me… right?!?

I’ll write back next week and tell you what went down on this date… Next date please?! Next man Please?!

I’ll leave you to think about your list or do’s and don’ts and I’ll do the same too.

See you next week readers.


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