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The newest ‘man trap’ craze

With Christmas being the season for relationship break-ups, some online retailers are offering an ‘innovative’ anti-dumping solution.

Christmas is full of festive cheer and is supposed to be the time for giving and spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately though, Christmas is a key time in the dumping calendar for relationships to come to an end, something which it appears that some women will prevent, by any means necessary. With this in mind, some some online retailers are, disturbingly, offering a ‘gift’ to make sure that ladies keep their partner.

Online adverts have appeared on various websites including Craigslist, which are offering positive pregnancy tests for around $20 (£12.80).


One online sales page reads – ‘I have positive pregnancy tests for those of you who need a little help holding onto your man through the holidays, shoot me a message. $20 each.’

Fake positive pregnancy tests have been available for some time as a ‘prank’ gift but I can’t help thinking that this is in very bad taste. And what does it say about the people who actually buy them and use them for malicious means?

Alarmingly, there is now a market to sell on your positive pregnancy tests online with many using slogans such as ‘Wanna get your boyfriend to finally pop the question?’. In theory, I can see how it could be tempting to sell on these tests. If nothing else, it covers the increasing price of pregnancy tests that can cost up to £20 each, for the new-fangled digital read out versions.

I would like to think that anyone using these is either using them as a prank or as a stop gap until they ‘get’ pregnant but I do fear that these are an updated way of ‘trapping people’ into relationships and a frightening evolution of the age old method of just telling someone ‘I’m pregnant’.


Images thanks to Craigslist & Getty Images.


  • This is just plain crazy!! x

  • I was a bit shocked to read that! And like you said, unless it is a stop-gap for a woman to buy a bit of time before she does get pregnant, she’s going to look a bit of an idiot when there is no sign of a baby! But if a relationship is not going well anyway, it’s a bit unfair to trap him like that and prolong it when you both could be happier with someone else in the long run!

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