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new you!

Almost 40, 3 babies and a huge job!…..the gym….really?

I love my food and a bottle of wine and accept that my modelling days are well and truly over, however that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good!

I tried the usual gym thing, the running,  bike and a few classes,  it bored me senseless and to be honest didn’t seem to get the results I craved.

With long working hours and the kids it seemed impossible. …until one day I met Natalie Dixon!!

She totally changed my life,  my mindset and my body!

I am fitter,  stronger and healthier than I ever thought I could be at 40!!

I didn’t like the gym with all skinny girls or muscley men, just somewhere I could switch off,  work hard and get results.  I found that place!

I don’t have time to spend hours at the gym and I get bored easily,  I need to be pushed and face challenges.

I started the classes like a fish out of water,  wanted to vomit during the classes and was pushed to what seemed beyond my limit!

Now I love it, it is tough but you get results and it is quick classes. Some 6am, then daytimes, then tea times and some late,  unless I am away I am there for something!

The classes are either women only or mixed and age from 17 to around 60. All different shapes and sizes but always friendly and welcoming and many including Natalie have become more than gym buddies,  they are friends!

We do metafit classes, insanity, kettlebell, abs and cardio. I always do the early morning bootcamps they are great!

A metafit class is around 20-30 minutes, it is hard work but quick and different,  and burns around 1200 calories in 24 hours, amazing!

There are levels from beginners up to athletes,  so it really is for everyone,  no excuses.

I moaned about the way I felt for so long,  now when I feel that way I just have to work that bit harder!

We have 2 other trainers now,  Nicola and Dave, they are fab too. Everyone teaches differently but always so friendly and positive,  they want you to get the results because it makes them proud of their work!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how big or small you are, or how busy you may be, change your life and do something for yourself!

Release the feel goods hormones,  increase your mental and physical strength,  get results you want and get training!

Get a healthy life and stop feeling down :)



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