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My New Year’s resolution? Ha, lets make it a ‘to do’ list

A lot of people have been asking me about my New Year’s resolution. I tell them the obvious ‘New Year, new me’, ‘lose weight’, ‘have fun’ and ‘make it a year to remember’, but honestly it’s just another year. I don’t stick to resolutions really so I made a ‘to do’ list instead.

1. Masters – I loved studying Creative Writing at University so I want to learn more about it by pursuing the Masters. At the moment it’s just lack of finances that is stopping me.

2. New Car – Safe to say my car, Gabby, is on her last legs.

3. Final Draft of the Simerons – Dissertation from my final year at University needs rewriting to be up to a publishable standard.

4. Final Draft of Scarlets Secret – Creative Piece on my Fiction module also needs a lot of work doing.

5. Read 100 books – Even re-reading counts. Where’s Harry Potter?

6. New Job – I need a challenge.

7. Keep writing blog going – My WordPress has seriously been neglected last year.

8. Build up my writing portfolio – Writing helps me become a better writer. Practice makes perfect as they say.

9. Enter at least one writing competition a month – This is one of my most doable of the resolutions.

10. Size 10 – I don’t want to overdo it, but I used to be a size 10 before University. I need to shift all the Dominos and McDonalds weight. And I wonder why I was always skint.

11. Poetry Collection – I like to dabble with poetry so it would be nice to have a collection published.

12. Have at least 10 articles published – To put in my portfolio. After this one that makes nine.

13. Travel abroad – Considering I haven’t left the United Kingdom since I was 13, I think this one is long overdue but again it’s the matter of funds and finding someone to go with.

14. Work hard, play harder – I was very boring in 2014, always working then miserable and tired on the rare occasions I went out after work. That is definitely changing. I need to blow off steam this year.

15. Get stuff done – Most important as I seem to be spending many hours on my laptop wasting time. You’re not getting any younger Michaela.

So that is my New Year’s ‘to-do’ list for 2015. Share yours below!


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