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New Year, Improved You!

That’s right ladies, it’s that time again, another year and more resolutions! But do we really stick to them? I always make a point of looking back over them to see what I actually managed to stick to and this year, I didn’t do too badly. I never make ‘lose weight’ etc etc resolutions as that will either happen or it won’t. This year I have decided to set myself some achievable and positive resolutions e.g being happy and taking time for myself.

I have decided to do a running feature throughout Jan/Feb entitled ‘New Year, Improved You’ and it will be filled with wonderful make-up, homewares, bath & body product reviews that you must try this year, positive thoughts to help you through the months and any other information I feel is relative.

I  also want to say a HUGE thanks to all of you who take the time to read my reviews and other articles and I hope you have found them useful. So, keep an eye out for what reviews are in store for YOU over the next few weeks!

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