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New Year, Improved You! JorgObé Skin Care

JorgObé is unlike any other skin care I have come across before. Using pure and natural ingredients, their products really sink into your skin, leaving it feeling and looking noticeably brighter and better.

Introducing Copenhagen's best kept

JorgObé Skin Care was founded back in 2010 in Copenhagen;

“….driven by our curiosity and a strong passion for creating effective skin care products for men and women striving for cleaner and more beautiful skin – and with the dream of combining the best natural and active ingredients – we launched our own independent Danish brand of skin care products”

I was lucky enough to test the JorgObé The Original Black Peel Off Mask.

“JorgObé Peel Off Mask is a Danish-made face mask that binds effectively to clogged pores, dead skin cells and other impurities, which are then gently pulled away from the surface of the skin when the mask is removed. The mask is based on the best ingredients nature has to offer, such as purifying black kaolin clay, oak charcoal and soothing plant extracts.”

JorgObé are very specific on how to use this product, in order to glean the best results.

Photo 10-01-2015 12 06 35 pm

Photo 10-01-2015 12 07 04 pm

Before you even open the box, I recommend that you read the instructions. First of all, you need to shake the product and then mix some on the back of your hand to make sure it’s thick. It smells very fresh and I couldn’t wait to apply it to my skin!

Photo 10-01-2015 12 30 32 pm

You then apply a thick layer in the T-Zone area (chin, nose and forehead). Leave it on for 25-30mins until it is completely dry. As soon as you apply the mask, you can feel it really being absorbed into your skin. It feels fresh and zingy, definitely a new sensation for me when using a face mask!

Photo 10-01-2015 12 33 29 pm

JorgObé say that it is always better to leave the product on for too long, than not long enough so I made sure I left it on for a good 30 mins.

You then peel off the mask and you can actually see the results straight away! My nose area looked and felt clean, fresh and free of all the grub that gets built up around there.

Photo 10-01-2015 1 15 32 pm

JorgObé Peel Off Mask is made in Denmark and contains no colours, parabens, mineral oils or silicone. It is the perfect product for beauty-savvy individuals who are also keen to use natural products.

If you fancy getting your hands on this amazing mask, you can by clicking here.

They also have some other wonderful products that you really should look at also. If the mask is anything to go by, I can only assume that the remaining products are the secret to everlasting youth and skin health!  http://jorgobe.co.uk/

(All opinions expressed have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Products kindly given by the respected company)


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