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New Year, Improved You! – Coloristiq: nail varnish to rent!

No, you are not seeing things, it’s really happening. You can now rent nail varnish! Not convinced? Let me help you to change your mind…..

 ‘Coloristiq offers a multi-brand, online nail polish rental service. We are the UK’s answer to the problem of dried up and unused nail polish. We provide our members with access to a wide range of salon quality brands including: China Glaze, Essie, OPI and Morgan Taylor, delivered monthly to your door. Upon subscribing, you will receive three bottles of high quality nail polish to enjoy at home for a period of 30 days.’

I know only too well what it’s like to have bottles and bottles of polish and I swear I only ever use the same 4/5 every time so I know this concept would be perfect for me.

Photo 29-12-2014 6 34 22 pm

Midtown Magic I thought was perfect for New Years and just my colour. I love dark nail varnish and with the hint of sparkle it is gorgeous.

Photo 30-12-2014 7 22 11 pm

I have never used China Glaze nail varnish before so I was very excited to try it. It’s thick and you only need 2 layers to create a stunning effect.

Photo 30-12-2014 7 22 25 pm

To spice things up I also added a few Ciate pearls just on two fingers.

Photo 30-12-2014 8 27 33 pm (1)

I was thrilled with the result and I’m pleased to say that after one week it has only just started to chip but it is still wearable.

Photo 05-01-2015 7 39 03 pm

This colour is gorgeous too (Meet Me Under The Stars), a deep black with lovely glittery bits. Perfect for any occasion.

Photo 05-01-2015 7 39 29 pm
I then decided to give this one a try. This gold glitter one is perfect, not too much but just enough pizzazz!

Photo 05-01-2015 7 42 59 pm
Photo 05-01-2015 8 03 53 pm

I can’t get over how well these nail varnishes go on. As I mentioned, you only need two coats to get a great coverage and it’s long lasting, which is what every girl wants.

So, once you have completed your rental for these nail varnishes, you simply stick on the pre-paid label and send it back to them. As easy as that!

For more information you can go to their website https://coloristiq.com/.

If you are still unsure and worried about hygiene, they have that covered too https://coloristiq.com/faq.

Give it a try this year!

(All opinions expressed have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Products kindly given by the respected company)


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