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My Favorite Buzz Word Fixes Anything

Lately I can’t peruse Pinterest, or any other corner of the internet for that matter, without coming across coconut oil. I read about it so much that my curiosity got the best of what. Just what the heck was this buzz word floating around my favorite pin boards? I decided to give it a whirl and instantly, I was hooked. Just what exactly can you do with this amazing oil? I think a better question is what can’t you do with this amazing oil.

1)      Makeup Remover- This was the first thing I tried, not really believing that the chunk of oil I pulled out of the jar was going to effortlessly wipe away a day’s worth of makeup. But as soon as I touched the oil, the solid chunk turned to a velvety liquid. I started with my mascara, the most challenging makeup for me to remove, and like magic, a few swipes and it was gone. I even left a little extra oil under my eyes as a night cream.

2)      Cradle Cap Remedy- My poor third child was the first to suffer from cradle cap. It didn’t bother him at all, but I was horrified. After trying a few failed remedies I got out the trusty coconut oil. After two applications and scrubbing it with a soft bristled brush, every bit of cradle cap was gone. Now I throw a spoonful into every baby (or big boy) bath for the absolute softest little boy skin. Extra bonus: the boys smell like a silky tropical heaven afterwards.

3)      Cooking- Instead of frying an egg, making pancakes, or doing other cooking in traditional oils, I use coconut oil. I put it in my tea and coffee instead of milk and sugar. Coconut oil has gained its popularity because of the healthy fatty acids it contains. There are oodles, and oodles, of websites explaining the health benefits of the oil. From heart and cholesterol benefits to weight benefits, you’ll be amazed. Check them out!

4)      Cure What Ails You: When my kids come to me with sunburns, bug bites, itchy skin, dry skin, the answer is always coconut oil. When my back aches after a long day and I need hubby to deliver a great massage; coconut oil. The baby has the beginnings of a diaper rash; coconut oil. I’m in the middle of a brownie recipe and realize I’m out of vegetable oil, no worries, I switch to coconut oil.

I absolutely love anything that is as easy and versatile to use as coconut oil, particularly if it has some awesome health benefits as well. I’ve also read countless success stories of women who claim long, healthy, shiny hair after adding coconut oil to their hair care regime. Admittedly this is the only thing I haven’t been brave enough to try. Have you? Comment with your experience!


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