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Musical Love Affair

I am on the look out for a new musical love affair.  Someone to excite me and invite me into their world.

I’m waiting for that spark, that instant connection that has me feeling like I have known them for years, and walked a day in their shoes.

I crave the moment when I’m washing up with the radio playing in the background and my ear hones in on a new gravelly voice, or a lyric jumps out at me and changes the course of my day. I’m waiting for that moment when the song is about to finish and I’m scrabbling around trying to dry my hands and find a biro to write down the artist’s name!

Heaven forbid the inconsiderate DJ moves seamlessly onto the next subject or sends us over to the traffic report without divulging this precious information.  I am then left to pour over Google, racking my brain for the lyric or chorus so I can discover the voice.

I will then devour all the songs, the life story, the music before they were signed and truly fall in love.

Ed Sheeran and I had a long and joyful summer together last year!  I enjoyed getting to know him. His ‘YOU NEED ME’ became my anthem for a while. He left for bigger and better things across the pond, but still makes an appearance for Sunday dinners and quiet evenings when the kids are in bed.

Joni Mitchell was my love the summer before that. Joni took me to Woodstock, 1970’s California and catching dragonflies in a jar….we were good together. She had me writing poetry and wanting to play the guitar.

I had a brief dalliance with Jake Bugg.  Some of his tracks are truly beautiful but he was just too young for me…..it didn’t work out. I like my musicians a little more lived in.

It’s not the end for us though, I wait with baited breath for his future albums.

Paolo Nutini was the one that got away. I heard him years ago, his unique style stopped me in my tracks but life got in the way, for both of us.  We then reunited with ‘SUNNYSIDE UP’ in an explosion of soul, bluegrass and stunning lyrical expression.  He proved himself to be a great musical lover with his next album ‘Scream’ I was so glad we’d not outgrown one another.

I must admit to using Jools Holland as my matchmaker over the years…..he always knows a good thing when he hears it, but alas, he can not help me with this summer love.

So here I am flying solo, ears wide open and music channels a plenty.

George Ezra and Sam Smith were both lust at first listen (Thank you Glastonbury) and need further investigation, maybe they will be my next affair?

I tell myself not to be desperate, it will happen when I least expect it, but time is ticking, summer will come and go and I’m starting to feel lonely.

Please let there be more musical love affairs in my life!




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