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Music is…

Music is the answer to every question.  It’s the beating heart of life.  Music is expression, it has no boundaries and there are no limits to where music can go, no pinnacle that music cannot reach.  Music is everything, it is everywhere, a world without harmonies and melodies would be a constant cycle of infinite silence. I couldn’t imagine life being that way. Music has to exist. It must be heard! Music is in our veins. Music is an escape from reality. We attach ourselves to the words, the rhythms and beats to understand the world around us.

Where words fail, music speaks. Music can turn sorrow to joy; music can enlighten us and make us believe in something bigger than ourselves. It can heal broken hearts and soak up the tears. Music is not only created by us, but by nature too, the whistling of the trees and the crunching of the leaves, bird song and rain. Beautiful music happens all around us every day.

Music understands what you are going through; it can be your only friend, your only source of comfort when everything else is dark. Music is the light nolvadex purchase canada that will guide you through. Music can make you swell inside with joy. It can make you smile when you are having a bad day. Music is the soundtrack to each of our lives. There will always be a song to love and a song to hate. Music causes controversy; it can also bring people together. Music makes every moment special.

Music makes history, music can never age. Years pass by but a song can still feel new. Music is always being discovered, interpreted and evolved. One song can change your life forever. There is music that can describe every emotion you have ever felt. Music can bring purpose. Music can repair a broken spirit.

Music can make us dance. Feeling the rhythm in our feet, music can take us away to another place. Music can free the mind.  Music is poetry. Music moves with time. Music is a blessing, a gift, a necessity to the life that we know and love.

Close your eyes and put on your headphones, escape for a little while.  Music is and music will always be the strongest form of magic.

What does music mean to you?



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