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Music…the feel good factor

It was a Sunday afternoon, I was thirteen years old and next to me was my radio cassette player on pause waiting for the next song I liked to play on the radio so I could record it. This was what my Sundays consisted of and what a great memory. Thirteen was the age I noticed music and it played a big part in my life. Now when people say that they normally say I went on to learn an instrument, which I did. The drums I learnt and even a little bit of guitar. Wouldn’t know how to now mind. Join a band, I was in one of them too at school, I was the drummer. Or even make a career out of it but for me music was my place. A place I went to to shut things out. Put my feelings and emotion in to it. Well it was for my teenage years anyway. All the dramas a teenage girls would go through, boys, friends, being popular, parents, restrictions, school. At the time is was hard but looking back, like many it was the best and easiest time of our lives.

Now music is my motivation. Clean the house, music on. Do some exercise, music is on. And weirdly enough for me music helped me concentrate. In school certain teachers would let me have my cd Walkman in lessons so I could sit with my headphones in, head down and of I would go. Just a shame I couldn’t have it in exams…Might have helped.

My fondness is dance music. To some this is the music that goes bang bang bang! My husband hates it. I find this music motivates me really well. It makes me go to town on cleaning and when I go out for a walk it can make me look like an idiot as I forget what I am supposed to be doing as I get so engrossed in the song and suddenly by the side of the road I throw my hands in the air as if I am in a club dancing. Yes do not be fooled I am a pretty good dancer, just not out on a walk.

I can sit for hours and watch the music channels, I like all types or genres not just dance. When I lived at home my Step-dad would like older music back from in his younger days but funnily enough I still love listening to certain songs. Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street has very fond memories to it. I think dancing on the table at home while my mum was in hospital after giving birth was one of them.

My mum was more a Celine Dion fan, I can recite most of her songs word for word. Also I remember the Bee Gees being played a lot, Jive talking is a very good song. The list is endless of the different types of music I like. 80’s movie themes ZZ Top – Gimme all your lovin’. I mean what a great song! I have just noticed as I am writing this. guess what!?! I have the music channels on.

What more can I say but music makes me feel good, makes me feel happy, can get me out of a mood very quickly. I am now going to get myself on YouTube and relive some of the old songs shall we say and let all the happy feelings, memories, bad singing and great moves venture out.

Go on girls think you should do the same. And most of all share your favourite song with us.


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