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A mum’s guide to saving money

Did you know that, on average, your child, from the day they are born until they turn twenty one, will cost you over two hundred, thousand pounds? Ouch! Even in their first year, your newborn will cost you over ten thousand pounds alone. So, where does the money go? Obviously a lot of it will go on nappies, equipment and clothes. Yes, I agree that having the most top of the range pram doesn’t make you a better mother, but if, like me, you went through two with your first so want to buy one that lasts for your second – you spend the money.

There are many ways that us mums can cut down on the amount of money that we spend on equipment and clothes for our children. I’ve gathered up a few tried and tested ways below. I hope they are helpful and will save you some cash!

Buy in the sales. Nowadays, shops seem to always have sale on. Clothes, in particular, can be found for a fraction of the cost in the sale. Even if you are stocking up your toddler’s wardrobe for next season, saving over half the price is a bargain too good to miss. Some equipment can often be in sales too, particularly in stores, ‘baby,’ events. Whether you are picking up a baby monitor even though you’ve only just found out you’re pregnant or you are buying that tricycle and your son is only six weeks old, if it’s a good deal, make the most of it.

Arrange a, ‘good as new,’ sale at your child’s playgroup. You bring along your old equipment, toys and clothes and so do the other parents. You all sell it to each other, with a cut going to your playgroup. Not only do you get rid of any unwanted baby bits, you can buy what you know you will next need. As your playgroup get a cut, the money will then be put back into your child’s learning experience – win win!

Car boot sales are fantastic for bargains and most items are just about as good as new. The majority of people are just trying to get rid of excess clutter that they no longer need – because their child has grown up, not because it is damaged. Most items are fab if they just have rinse in the washing machine or a wipe down with an old rag – nobody will know it wasn’t bought new in the first place!

Hand me downs are great too. If you are lucky enough to have close friends or family who have kids who are similar ages to your own, receiving their hand me downs, be it clothes or toys, is great. We have my friend’s son’s old high chair at my mum’s house, as it save us dragging ours around all the time!

There are many fab bargains to be found if you just look, but a word of caution about second hand car seats. Never buy them from someone you don’t know. You do not know if they have been involved in a crash and if they have, they might not be safe for your child. Health and Safety laws, particularly surrounding car seats, change all the time and by the time you’ve had your baby, your sisters kid’s seat may be outdated.


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