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Mum was right about everything!

There are novelty drinks coasters on sale at the moment which have a picture of a surprised looking young woman and the caption:

‘Oh my God! My mother was right about everything!’

It’s funny because it’s true. Any woman who has had this terrible realisation can relate to it. It was around my mid-twenties when it happened to me, although I had already started to suspect several years earlier that my mum might actually have known what she was talking about!

I never thought that I would think this when I was a typical ‘I know it all’ teenager though. It would often annoy me in those days when my mum was proven to be right, especially about the things that I thought she wouldn’t know much, if anything, about! I didn’t like feeling that I had been wrong and I hated sometimes hearing the words ‘I told you, didn’t I?’

Back then, I just couldn’t seem to accept that someone who was over 30 years older than me would know considerably more about life than I did! But I could only be in denial about it for so long. Hardly a week has gone by in my adult life where I haven’t remembered something that my mum said to me when I was young and naïve.

Here are just some examples:

Don’t believe everything on adverts.

Unfortunately, in real life no hair product makes my locks shimmer like the finest silk, nor does a spray of ‘Impulse’ attract young men who resemble Calvin Klein underwear models.

Don’t get a credit card because you’ll never pay it off.

I got one with the intention of just paying off a new laptop. Therefore, I believed at the time that I would easily clear the balance within a few months. It is now a decade later and I am still making monthly payments! I continue to use it for low cost payments only, but I seem to underestimate how much these will add up.

Cars are expensive to run.

I had no idea just how costly owning my own vehicle would be. Insurance, road tax, fuel, tyres, breakdown membership, MOTs, services and worst of all, those dreaded repair bills. I dread to think how much money I have spent on my little auto over the years.

Mechanics rip women off.

My mum warned me that many mechanics ‘see women coming’. This claim must have some truth in it because some of my male colleagues at work have said the same thing. I want to believe that my bills are genuine but I have to question my mechanics’ integrity at times. It makes me feel suspicious when I take the car in for a minor problem and end up with an eye watering bill for several new parts!

Private landlords are greedy.

I grew to believe this myself after seeing the size and/or state of some of the places that some landlords are willing to rent out for an exorbitant amount of money. Many landlords aren’t willing to pay for repairs either and some have too many people living in shared accommodation. Ker-ching!

High heels can damage your feet.

I haven’t experienced this myself as I only wear very high heels occasionally. According to the Internet though, a number of foot and leg problems can develop by frequently wearing this particular style of shoe. I suppose this revelation isn’t surprising considering that the pain caused by wearing stilettos is probably not much worse than having foot surgery without an anaesthetic.

Always admit to any wrongdoing.

My mum said that I should always own up to doing something wrong because people think more of those who tell the truth than those who lie. When I was much younger, I found this quite hard to believe. I would also wonder why I would want to admit to something and get into trouble for it. However, I have since found that I have a lot of respect for people who hold their hands up to something and virtually none for people who try to get out of it.

He who hesitates is lost / Strike while the iron is hot.

I often remember these sayings when opportunities pass me by because I haven’t acted quickly enough. For example, I have lost out on applying for jobs on websites because I intended to do it the following day and then found that the adverts were removed early.

Another notable example is when I have returned to clothes shops to purchase items that I was undecided about, only to find that they have sold out of my size.

Do stuff straightaway and you’ll have less to do later.

Unlike my mum, I’m the type of person who tends to put off doing things until I can be bothered. These things usually build up and I then find it difficult to motivate myself to tackle them. My bedroom is often a mess, I let paperwork pile high and I sometimes have so much rubbish in my car that it is like driving around in a bin.

Opportunities won’t come knocking at your door.

At one time, I kind of imagined that things like jobs and love would somehow find their way to me. As time passed though, I came to realise that you can only get something you want out of life if you are willing to make the effort to put something into it first.

I have a vague memory of my mum saying to me when I was a child that I would find that she had been right all along some day! However, even now, I find it difficult to admit this directly to her. I have only reluctantly admitted that she was right about a couple of more recent things. I’m sure that she will know that I now acknowledge it to be true though because she will no doubt have gone through exactly the same experience with her own mum. Therefore, I like to think that it is one of those things that goes without saying!


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