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Moving for the 3rd time in a year!!!

My husband and I decided to move to the UK from the Isle of Man due to work commitments and also we felt that the UK had more opportunities for the children.

My husband’s business is a sponsor for Manchester City Football Club, he’s a Non-Exec Director of Nott’s County Football club whilst also the CEO of an online Marketing and Payroll business based in the Isle of Man and Manchester so he is required to be in the UK for a large proportion of time.

I have lived in the UK before so I am well accustomed to UK life. It’s hectic! My husband is a ‘Manx boy”, he’s never lived anywhere but the little old Isle of Man with a population of around 82,000 people. Therefore I decided to rent somewhere fully furnished for 6 months to make sure he liked it as much as me before moving our entire life across the water.

8 Weeks he lasted!!!!

He hates the traffic, the tax, the business, the alone feeling of being a little fish in a big pond, not knowing anyone. He also hates the traveling time… There was a major football game, Man City V Aston Villa. We live about 30 minutes away from the grounds however due to ‘traffic’ that he and my father were sat in for over 3 hours, they missed the match. A few colleagues from the Isle of Man attended and managed to make the game even thought they had to fly in!

I am gutted. Our children are thriving in their new schools and I have met some incredible people. However, we are a family and I will support my husband just as he supports the boys and I in anything we want to do.

Instead of clashing over this, I will concentrate on bringing out the best bits of the IOM, keeping busy and travel to the UK to continue our work a couple of days a week. We have some amazing friends on the island and with very little crime; it’s a fantastic place to bring up small children. Tax is nowhere near as high, there’s never any ‘real traffic’ (in comparison to the uk) and I’m sure ill get used to the weather again… (Ever watched the movie King Kong???… that’s the Isle of Man… )

Moving house is rated as one of the most stressful times and i can totally vouch for that! Im never moving again!!!!


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