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Movies: That kind of inspiration…

I am a big fan of movies and obviously love the chauvinistically so-called “chick flick” movies as they give me a sense of hope. Hope for a better world and for a better version of me.

The thing is, what really happens with the folks like me in real life? In real life, it’s not just about having to struggle with one thing, a major issue that, once overcome, signifies a life full of happiness, with nothing to worry about because the only thing between themselves and their fulfilment is forever gone. In films, usually, the main character goes away to an exotic location to find herself, the answers to her problems and a way to resolve the situation at hand. We all can identify with this quest for an answer, as at some point we all have had to deal with something big that changed our way of seeing things, whether we liked it or not. But the truth is, this romantic notion of life creates a sense of emptiness and a surrealistic need to go out and look far away for ourselves but, can we afford that?

For starters, not everyone can afford an airplane ticket to Bali, India, Sri Lanka, etc, etc. Not everybody can afford to leave their job to go on a trip and besides that, there are some of us who have family that we cannot leave behind.

This idealistic way of living, where you must leave, put a pause on yourself to find you, go to a magical place to find you, drink magical herbs to find you, smoke whatever smokes to find you, breathe in and out to find you… Does not it lead to a sense of frustration? It gives me that feeling sometimes. What is it with going away to find yourself? What if, when you are gone it is a no can do? If we are unable to find ourselves in every single situation we have to deal with, because being honest, our lives are not solved after completing one huge conundrum. If we cannot find enlightenment after being so down that we could not leave the bed, if we cannot find peace after feeling so angry about our husband not washing the dishes as we asked, if we cannot get over ourselves for not being able to focus and write the lines we always wanted to… We can spend a fortune going to Asia. But what if that none of it will work?

This is not a campaign against inspirational movies, I am simply advocating using their power to remind ourselves of ourselves, because it does not matter how far we run, the only person running along is ourselves and I should be able to find myself while sitting in my living room, having a cup of coffee or while walking on the streets on my way to work or pick up my son at school; else I could go to the most exotic forest in the world and still be lost.


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