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From the Mouths of Men: Page 3

This week I couldn’t wait to get responses ‘From the Mouths of Men’, in response to Rebecca Henson’s article Page 3 takes a Raincheck

One sentence synopsis of original article: Rebecca details her support for the NoMorePage3 campaign to end pictures of topless women in The Sun and goes on to explain why she feels page 3 should be banned.

Best Bit: “If this doesn’t scream objectification I don’t know what does.”

The feedback: No responses on this piece as yet, but the author shares some less than encouraging words from friends within the article, including; “a response from one of my male friends suggesting jealousy on the part of the campaigners”

From the Mouths of Men.

I have to say I enjoyed Rebecca’s article because she pipped me to the post. I would have suggested that those petitioning Page 3 are the jealous feminist’s types. Now before you lynch me, I’d like to add, that hell yeah, if I caught my man ogling a Page 3 stunner with perfect hair, skin and other added bonuses, I would feel jealous. But then I would get over myself and go ogle Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, so really no harm done.

With this in mind, I was intrigued to hear hubby’s thoughts on this one. I couldn’t wait to put it to the lads in general actually, convinced that they would feel quite strongly about someone trying to take their Page 3 away from them.

Starting with hubby then, here we go with From the Mouths of Men.

“I don’t think it needs to be banned, if there are woman that want to do it then there is no reason to ban it is there?”  There you go, my enlightened hubby trying to ensure these young ladies don’t lose their jobs. What a support of women’s rights he is…their right ones and their left ones that is!

The general feeling seems to be that the Page 3 models are the ones that would miss out and although most men don’t seem overly fussed, they don’t see harm in it either…

“I don’t see a problem with it, if a woman wants to do it, do it.” said this lad and “I think the only people who would lose out if it was banned are the models who pose for it and I don’t really see why people want it banned as it doesn’t hurt anyone,” argued another.

There was some thought for the larger ramifications of the potential demise of Page 3 from this man; “If we ban Page 3 in the Sun, are we saying that everything else goes to? The Sport, FHM? There are lots more publications that feature women in this way… you wipe them all out that’s a lot of jobs lost.” I had to admit a good argument. Where do we stop?

Overall however, most men seem to have a bit of a nonchalant attitude towards Page 3 when there is an abundance of other material available at their fingertips.

 “I think Page 3 is outdated, when you consider how easily you can view topless women online nowadays I don’t think it really has any purpose or helps sales in any way. I don’t think it’s sexist and I think most men probably ignore it when flicking through the paper anyway.”

Surprisingly, it seems Page 3 just isn’t the big draw it used to be;

“I don’t think Page 3 is a big deal anymore, it used to be part of a laddish work environment, pinning the Page 3 girl up on the wall but nowadays I don’t think I’ve seen a Page 3 passed around the work place in years.”

I did enjoy this chap’s response however, who clearly though that Page 3 isn’t the issue we should be concerned with, saying; “Well out of date, but not really fussed if it stays of goes. The Sun itself should be banned instead of just the Page 3 models.”

So there we have it ladies, much to my surprise it seems men aren’t overly fussed about Page 3. Yes, they will give it a glance as they flick towards the sports page, but with more (in every sense of the word) being available to view online it seems there isn’t a huge demand for the Page 3 girls anymore, but bless ‘em, our men wouldn’t want to see them out of work.

To finish, I managed to find one response that was more in tune to my expectations for this article;

“I think the people who want it banned are a bunch of misguided do gooders who cause more problems than they solve.” But overall, it seems I have overestimated how our Mouths of Men will respond to this debate. I do enjoy discovering a male perspective and can’t wait to gather more next week.


  • The quotation you have used is in response to the Sun’s campaign to win a date with a Page 3 model. Not Page 3 itself. I actually have mixed feelings on the subject and must agree with some of your men here that say it’s outdated and that the Sun in general should not be portayed as the ‘newspaper’ it claims to be.

  • My granddad would be GUTTED if Page 3 stopped but personally I find very uncomfortable the fact that he is drooling over women the same age as me! I approached him with this and he said ‘I just admire how confident and gorgeous they are’. Hmmmm…the debate continues!

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