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From the Mouths of Men; Digital Dating

This week From the Mouths of Men, our men have been asked to respond to Hannah Raine’s article The Digital Dating World, with their opinions on online dating.  Having never experienced online dating myself I found The Digital Dating World a really enlightening piece. Who’d have thought I could be queuing at Tesco for nappies whilst a romance is digitally blooming in the queue behind me thanks to the Happn App. Clearly out of touch with modern technologies application to love and romance I was intrigued to see what our men thought of the matter and couldn’t wait to seek out their opinions.

One sentence synopsis of the original article: Hannah shares with us some of the modern approaches to digital dating, before admitting that despite these technological advances she is a classic romanticist at heart, still hoping for a face to face love at first sight encounter.

The feedback from the ladies: Glad my dating days are behind me as like you I am a romantic” 

From the Mouths of Men:

Ok, so I have to confess, given some of the more adverse opinions shared by the lads on previous topics I was apprehensive as to what might unveil. In my mind I expected laddish responses of, “Nah, it ain’t for me ‘cos you never know if when you go and meet her she might turn out to be a right munter.”

Well gentlemen, I apologise. It seems I thought too little of you. Our men are overwhelmingly positive when it comes to the possibilities laid out by internet dating. It looks like the lads are all for love in the digital age and my cynicism won’t even lead me to say that’s because then they don’t have to put down their Xbox controllers to find a girl!

As always I started by seeking hubby’s opinion on the matter. “I don’t see anything wrong with it, but you never really know who you’re talking to do you. I guess its 2014 though, so yeah, why not get with the times?”

So other than a glancing thought for E-safety it seems hubby would be willing to give it a go should the need arrive. What best place to buy tamoxifen uk then of the rest of our collective?

This lovely lad clearly has a reason to be in favour, responding when I asked if he believed in online romance or not; “I certainly do. I met my partner online and we now have two beautiful kiddies, and house and I’d be lost without her. I found it easier to chat to someone online due to confidence.  I got to know her, we met and fell in love…happy me!”

Heart-warming story behind, this lad seems to have hit home at the heart of our boy’s positivity towards online dating: – shyness.

“I was quite shy when it came to approaching women, so I think I would have taken to this method had it been around all those years ago!”

A similar opinion from this man; “I think internet dating is a very positive thing as it helps a lot of shy people who would previously have struggled to meet people.”

Who knew our boys were so bashful? It looks as though online dating appeals to our men as a means of building connections without the need for the classic shyness inhabitators they typically use; e.g. alcohol or pulling on your pig tails and saying you smell.

I particularly enjoyed this very practical response that spoke volumes about modern society; “I have never used it, but I think nowadays, the was society is, people haven’t got as much time to ‘look for the right person’ so anything that can help move things along, people will take. We are nowadays very much wanting everything straight away and that means a lot of people don’t want to waste time and the ‘filtering’ online helps.”

With increased work hours and a ‘need it now’ culture, perhaps he’s right. Online dating is the fastest way to find your soul mate or just a pleasant date.

I’ll finish with this quote which again shares a happy every after; “Met my beautiful wife online a few years ago and we’ve never looked back.”

Lads, thanks for your opinions, it seems you are all in favour of love in the online world, I’ll be sure to pick something more controversial to quiz you about next week!


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