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Mother Appreciation

I just wanted to take time out to appreciate my mother. My best friend, sister and guardian angel all in one human being. Even at the grand age of 24 I still depend on her guidance and comfort every day. I speak to her every day and there isn’t a day goes by where we don’t say good morning and good night.

I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with my mother. I see so many of my friends who don’t even talk to theirs or if they do it ends up in a blazing row. Thankfully we have never had a major falling out, maybe over what time I should home at night but that’s it.

I have total respect for mother’s. I remember being sat in a cafe, watching this mother, on her own, cope with a small infant and a baby. The infant was throwing food, laughing, finding it hilarious and the baby was crying and looking fed up. The mother however went about them in a clam and collected manner when I bet inside she was screaming for help. I literally can’t imagine what you guys have to put up with and I just want to give you a HUGE pat on the back and a MASSIVE hug!

Big love to all your mummies out there!


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