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$$$ Money $$$

[Disclaimer*** I am not a total head case – perhaps a partial one. Read at your own discretion!]

I’m broke. Really.

Depressingly so.

Our local McDonalds passed me by. How sad is that?

My friends know that I’m broke and they know how diligent I’ve been as I look for employment. Interestingly, they aren’t doing well in the money department either, except for Paul. Paul just moved in to his millionaire girlfriend’s home AND he has every intention to ask her to marry him.

It was with great surprise that Paul, of all people, said, “Yes, I’d eat my cat for nine million dollars.”

You see, we play this quasi-grotesque, sick game that is called; ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR NINE MILLION DOLLARS?’

Truth be told, I came up with this idea and truth be told, I haven’t any sound reason as to the nine figure.

Friend 1(F) – “I’d have sex with anyone.”

Friend 2(F) – “I’d agree to divorce my husband.”

Friend 3(F) – “Food! I’d gain 300 pounds for that amount of money!”

Friend 4(M) – “Speaking of food, sort of – I’d eat a rat, a live rat.”

The above four folks and I have gone to these verbal extremes and that got me to thinking, is money really the be all and end all?

Yep! We need it to survive comfortably and we need it to progress through life. Dare I state that we need it because most people have it? It is our bartering tool.

Excuse my disgusting, morose and at times, psychotic thinking…here is my list; (This IS embarrassing!)


– sleep with Poppy, the Red Socks player AND I’m a die-hard Yankee fan.

– kiss all the Kardashian Sisters. I’m not gay and those sisters skeeve me.

– spend a month in the Amityville Horror House by myself.

– do a double back flip off of a high diving board and I can’t swim well.

– eat a handful of cockroaches.

– run around downtown, naked

AND, ta dum…

I would spend a month in the mosquito infested, chronically wet, electricity-less, critter-filled, snake-slithering Amazon!

“You’d be surprised what people will do for money that they wouldn’t do for love.”- Rachel Caine

Wanna play?

While you ponder, I’m off to McD’s for a ChickenMcfishburger, hold the pickles.


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