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Money saving for new Parents

They are our bundles of joy, a life time of love and someone to care for you when you cannot but having a new baby can be one of the most stressful and most expensive periods of your life. Making the baby in most instances is free but soon enough the expenses start to pile up, growing in amount. Funds are in an all time low but the cost of raising a child still keeps on growing, reaching new heights every day. For those that support their child from birth till their graduation will pay out as sum to rival the price of a house.  Of course they are worth every penny but there are ways to cut the costs of raising a child to take that extra stress of our lives.

Think before you spend

It seems really rather simple but new parents are bombarded by so many toys and equipment that claim to help their baby in so many different ways creating a mass confusion on what is actually needed. The shops will try their best to get your interests into the products and convince you that you need it all, it is how they make their money after all. However, just because something exists doesn’t actually mean that anyone will need it; it does not mean that your baby will not love you more if you do not get every toy and equipment on offer. It is impossible to predict, for first time parents, which baby products will end up being essentials and which ones will turn out to be gathering dust in the back of a cupboard; so please don’t rush into making expensive decisions. Make a list and stick to it, don’t be distracted by all the baby items created to draw you in. The best advice for saving money in this way is to wait until the baby is born before making decisions on major purchases and always ask other parents for help and how to get the best value.

Thrifty is nifty

People are expanding their family at all times of the year but those that have all the children they like will more than likely give away their old baby things, either selling them on themselves or simply giving them to a charity shop. So why not utilise this, save yourself money in the long run. Don’t worry about it being someone’s before; charity shops won’t sell anything that isn’t in the best condition possible. Your baby will pay no attention to what it’s wearing, it won’t demand brand name designer clothing; they only want it to be clean, comfortable and safe. So don’t go spending money on designer gear, save your money for when they are teens and practically begging for that one piece of designer clothing. You never know what you will find, so take a look around your charity shops and see. Don’t forget you can do the same too, when you no longer need your baby items give them to someone in need, they will truly appreciate it.

Get the most out of your baby clothes; if you plan to have more children, by neutral clothing rather than catered to the gender of your child then you can use them for the next child no matter their sex without it being completely obvious. Borrowing can be as good as buying anything, family, friends and even other mothers will most likely have some things that you can be leant, until you can afford your own or at least until they want it back. Pick your nappies for your needs and finances; there are so many different types and brands of nappies out there so choose wisely. However, one of the biggest debates is Disposable Vs Reusable both having their merits. Reusable nappies can be much cheaper depending on how many you want, of course that depends on how often you are willing to wash them. However, if you don’t think washing and reusing the nappies is up your buy nolvadex and clomid uk street then there are many different varieties so have a look around. If you are buying thousands of nappies per baby then maybe it’s best to look at own-brand nappies as they can often run cheaper and can be just as good as the well-known brands.

Cheep is good but free is better

So many big companies are wanting to cash in on your new bundle of joy wanting their brand to be the one that you use throughout your baby’s childhood so why not utilise this to your benefit.  Even nappies will have many promotional money off and freebies hoping to get you to ultimately buy their products. Even if you do not settle with their brand of nappies it is still easy on your pocket to take up the chance for any freebies you can.  Some GP surgeries may give out starter packs, so check whether they’re available at yours.  Don’t forget to exploit the many BOGOFs, stock up on some things that will not go off, but be careful when doing so with nappies your baby will grow so fast that you might not use them all. Freecyle and freegle amongst others are part of a thriving online recycling community allowing people to advertise their goods that they no longer want and giving others the chance to find something new to them for free. It is completely free to pick up everything from toys and baby clothes to games and PCs.  Before you go rushing to the shops to get everything in ready for your baby remember to factor in all the baby gifts that you will no doubt receive, most likely clothing and toys from family and friends.

Planning, planning and more planning

Quiet often becoming pregnant isn’t something that is strictly planned out to the letter but once you know you are having a child it is wise to plan at least a little. One easy way to plan for all eventualities is to start putting some money aside, either in a specific child savings account for your child to use when they are of age or in a simple savings account in order to make those childhood years easier for the entire family. Saving before you give birth can cover you for most eventualities when you have your bundle of joy, should you have forgotten something or just needing a little more within the first few weeks of being home. Planning and saving up at least a little into the rainy day new child fund can ease a little of the financial stress that comes with a growing family. It is also always best to plan your childcare, either before the child is born if you wish to return to work early or while your child is still early. Early planning can often relive some of the stress, to know that your child will be in safe hands and just how much it will all be. Rather than leaving your child with a childminder or day care, see if family members can look after them on some days in order to save yourself at least some money or even ask a friend who has children of their own to look after yours before returning the favour. Some employers will offer to help out towards childcare costs, and now with growing use of flexitime contracts it will become easier to make sure you have the best for your child without running out of money.

So as your family grows there are some steps that can stop your pocket from shrinking completely. Having a child is never an easy option for anything but the stress and financial burdens pale in comparison to having a new life to nurture and adore. With at least a little help from family, friends and the many different options out there raising a family does not need to be as draining upon the pocket as we believe it will be.


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