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The New Modern Day Obsession

 It has come to my attention that in recent years society has become more and more preoccupied with finding the image representing a ‘real woman’. You read it in magazines, on blogs and hear it in everyday conversation. The usual passing comment  for this topic would be along the lines of ‘have you seen the model on that magazine. That is not what a real woman looks like’.

 But… yes it is. If I am not mistaken, the woman on the cover of that magazine is real. She is flesh and blood just like we are. Simply because she may be thinner than most of us, it doesn’t mean she isn’t real.

 Now I would understand these comments if they were aimed at the often excessive airbrushing that we are familiar with the sight of, but that isn’t the case for the majority of the time. Just because a woman we are presented with isn’t what we are used to seeing walking the streets, how does that make her false?

 It’s about time that we accept everybody and stop trying to find the ‘real’ female anatomy, because we are all real and all of our bodies differ in some way. I know it’s a hard thing to do when high fashion magazines and A-list celebrities all try to achieve one ‘look’, but they are still real no matter what.

 With the support for feminism growing, society is only holding itself back from total equality by trash-talking ladies and labelling them as ‘fake’. To me it appears to be contradictory that many people wish for equality between men and women but, on a regular basis, make women unequal from each other. Surely that is a step backwards?

 A famous, brilliant example of the acceptance of diverse beauty is the Dove ‘real beauty’ campaign. All of the women in the advertisements are different from each other, representing the diversity in real life. There are thin women, curvy women, tall and short women, different body types, a range of hair styles… You understand my point.


 What Dove recognises is that the answer to feeling oppressed is not by oppressing other people and instead living a day to day life where we all know and love our own bodies. Let’s all learn a lesson from Dove– there is no such thing as a false woman.


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