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Missing…one bump

One of my cousins is a new mummy, not as new as me but still new on the baby circuit. I have relied on her for advice and comfort through many of my more troublesome times, as well as some light relief in listening to her funny stories about raising her little one. We had a conversation one day about not being pregnant anymore and she was of the opinion that it was a little bit sad and she missed it, questioning whether I missed being pregnant and my bump? One word: NO!! I put this in capitals and use not one but two exclamation marks to highlight the gravity of the situation. Lets review my experience of pregnancy. I spent the first trimester being sick almost constantly, I was diagnosed with SPD early on the second trimester and it pretty much went downhill from there. Migraines, backache, sickness, loss of appetite, uncomfortable, sleep deprivation. The list, is, quite possibly endless, so no, I do not miss being pregnant. No, I do not feel envious when I see pregnant ladies, stroking their bumps. I feel sympathy and laughter. Sympathy at what they are about to go through and laughter at how blissfully ignorant they probably are as to what is lurking around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong, as I realise I may be sounding a little bitter. I’m not. I feel truly privileged to have been able to carry a child and grow a tiny human in my body. I am extremely thankful that my body was strong enough to do this and somehow also strong enough to recover afterwards (albeit quite a long recovery!) but I am much happier being a mummy as I was a mummy to be.


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