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Millenials with aspirations

It’s difficult to be a young person with dreams in this economic climate. We feel quashed by the depressing statistics about how many businesses fail. You don’t even have to know about the statistics to realise that the economy, in most countries, is extremely slow and unwelcoming to those without money. All you have to do is walk down the street and see the empty shop windows to know that the global economy is in a pretty dismal state. It’s discouraging, especially to recent college graduates with big ideas. We leave with a brain full of innovative business plans, only to be shot down before we even get to a viable stage.

I want to run my own business someday and do a bit of good for the world. I don’t want to work for someone else and further their legacy. I want my own and why shouldn’t I? Is the age of the entrepreneur really over? Are we all just expected to follow a boss like sheep just to make ends meet? It’s been rough, I’ll admit it. Living in a new country without resources is difficult and my husband could tell I was struggling. We decided to sit down and write out what we want to do. We talked it out for a few hours and came up with three categories:

1. For profit- things we want to do to make a living, pay the rent, buy food etc. All those necessary evils that seems to be crushing dreams

2. Non-profit-things we want to do for the world just to know that we have

3. Of Questionable Legality- protest activities inspired by people like Banksy to promote change anonymously

After writing it all down I think we both felt very accomplished. We even left each category open to promote even more ideas and motivation. The next step is to put our ideas into action.


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