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Migraines… 2 years of hell!!!

Just over a year ago, I was convinced that I had a serious illness.  I was experiencing severe migraines at least twice a week for periods of up to 24 hours. I would vomit constantly and be in absolute agony!!  The pain was so intense that I would pass out. It went on for well over two years. I was sent for an MRI scan, a CT scan, blood tests, I spoke with a dietician and had allergy tests. I also cut out chocolate, citrus juices i.e orange juice etc. I wore sunglasses, id always have my hair down, I exercised. I went on strong medication, anti depressants, sleeping tablets, anti sickness tablets…you name it, I tried it. Nothing would work. I would absolutely fine one minute, but within minutes, I wouldn’t be able to see and would have to go to bed with a cold flannel on my face, in complete darkness!

I also had two young boys with me 24/7! I had to make sure there was always a packed lunch in the fridge for them to help themselves to whenever i was poorly. Bless them, they used to get so upset when I was vomiting. My eldest, who was just 3 at the time, used to bring towels and blankets into the bathroom for me, he would wipe my face with a cold flannel and bring me cups of water!! It was heartbreaking! He would take care of his little brother and quickly learnt how to change the channel on the TV!! My dog was brilliant too! I had a german pointer called Grace… she would play ball with the boys for hours! They would chuck a ball downstairs and she would get it and run back up! Small things hey!

Now, I get perhaps one headache a month, if that. My severe migraines were purely down to stress. Its only now, that I’m out of the situation I was in, that I can see that and I feel a million times better.

I was in a terrible relationship for 3 years. I had had two children, 10 months apart. Id moved house 7 times in 4 years. I then went through the inevitable…a very stress-full breakup and was left with no money, no support and two very young children to support, alone. I was very depressed.

I was far away from friends and family so I decided to move back to my home town. Once there, I had the support and stability I needed to get through it. I had a few headaches for a while but after a couple of months, they literally stopped!

Im now healthy, happy and full of life! No one will ever bring me back down to the hell hole I was in! My boys are happy again, loving school and have a busier social life than me! Ive met the most wonderful man, who is now my husband and an awesome father!! Life is good!!


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