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I’m what you call a yo-yo!

I have absolutely no idea of what I want to do for a career as I change my mind so often. I have been a Beautician, a Nail Technician, I’ve been in Sales, Secretarial roles, Bar Maid, Receptionist, Waitress, PA, Photographer, Cleaner, Payroll, Groom, Customer Service Officer, Lending Officer, Accounts Assistant, Cashier, Account Manager and Salon Manager. Ive worked for many businesses such as New Look, Lloyds TSB, Jaks, Passion, Vibe, Abbeylands, Best Group, The Nail Emporium, The Cosmetic Medical, Boothmans Chartered Accounts, PPlumbing, Barclays, Manx Gas and I’ve been both employed and self employed and ran my own business, unsuccessfully may I add! I put that down to my age at the time!

I would like to study but the thought of studying one subject for years to gain a qualification in that chosen subject, scares the life out of me. What if I no longer want to do that by the time I’ve completed? I don’t want to waste mine or anyone else’s time. Surely I can learn more from working for a company than sat in a classroom studying from a book everyday? Plus I don’t want to do just one thing, I get bored! I’m not at all against studying long term if you want a career as lets say a Lawyer or a Doctor but personally I need constant challenges and different experiences. I want to enjoy my life, which means I must have a job that I enjoy…all the time! I simply wont accept anything less.

I’m about to launch a new website called Women Make Waves. It’s a networking site for women, written by women on all sorts of topics but mainly women in business. I want to inspire women to push for their dreams and the career of their choice, whether that is in corporate, retail, sales, owning your own business or working for or starting your own charity.

A big theme of my new site is going to be to connect girls just starting out with ladies who have experience to share. I’ve seen how well it works for my husband working with his Mentor and Chairman.

To begin with, I am going to ask business owners to be my mentor for a month…as a non-paid apprentice.  I will work any hours they ask and do what they need me to do as if I were their full time employee. I will watch, listen and learn from them to gain a valuable insight and experience that I will then share with others. I really love to see how things work at different levels in a business whether that is a large corporate business or a small one-man band. I find it fascinating and hopefully, ill be relatively useful. Although I have no formal qualifications apart from my school exams, I have experience, I want to learn, I’m a hard worker and not a complete numpty!

My first month, ill be spending it with a very experienced man who owns a successful construction Company. Keep an eye out for my updates!


  • Rosy George Rosy George says:

    I am just like that when it comes to making a decision about jobs or career, im applying for everything but what i really want is to wake up every day and go to a job im proud to say i do and enjoy. IM not asking much am i ? Its so difficult !

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