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Men work ‘harder’ than women..

I had a conversation with a business partner recently, a male business partner. We were on the topic of hiring staff.

We have quite a good balance of male to female staff members in our office however I have noticed that we only have one female in the sales team out of ten.

I asked why this was to which he responded by saying, ‘Men work harder in sales than women. They always achieve their targets… I would always hire a man over a women when it comes to a sales role’

(That was like adding fuel to a fire for me… boomb!!!!!)

He went on to say that women, especially women with children, have far more commitments than men therefore they cant put the extra effort in that a guy can. For example the one woman who works in our sales team, has a child and a partner so she comes in late because she does the school run, spends time on her phone organising child care and other child related issues and leaves on the dot! Where as our sales team leader, who has no partner or children, comes in early, works solid all day and never leaves on time! Both are on the same wage.

Personally, I think that’s absolute rubbish!! Total bollocks in fact. Perhaps the female member of staff manages her time better and squeezes everything in to a shorter amount of time. Perhaps she’s more productive with her time. Just because she has a child does not make her any less capable of doing her job just as well as her male colleagues.

Karren Brady talks a lot about this in her book, Strong Woman. I think it’s so unfair that we, as women are discriminated over having a family where as men are not! I have overheard men saying things like this all my life. Looking after the family has always been down to the women. The men can concentrate on climbing their chosen career ladder or building their business but even if the mother is able to pursue a career, it still ends up her job to organise the children and the household chores and issues. Why is it this way? It’s about time that managers and Directors cut us ladies some slack. Very few men have as many ‘home’ commitments to take care of compared to women.

These stone age views are just not acceptable anymore! Its 2014!!!!!!!



  • We’re encouraged to think that things are a lot more equal these days, but the wage gap is still a huge problem. There are still bosses out there avoiding hiring female employees, because ‘hey, they’re only going to end up pregnant, right?’ It’s going to take more women handing over their role as primary carers for things to change, and women are slaughtered by public opinion and the media if they make an active choice to be breadwinner AND mother, rather than carer AND mother. It’s going to take an army of tough mums, with thick skins to herald change.

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