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Would you meet your hero?

Recently there was a competition on the local radio to meet Lady Gaga. Anybody who knows me will know that I am ‘slightly’ obsessed with Mother Monster. I think if I met her I would be a mix of starstruck/blubbering mess with a hint of pure nonsense coming out of my mouth while trying to form words.

To be fair I have met two celebrities in my life so far. Jennifer Saunders visited my university, I have a photo with her on Facebook somewhere. Jonathan Wilkes I met after he did a performance at the Regent Theatre years ago. (He gave me a hug, I honestly felt like I was going to die! HE HUGGED ME!)

Then it got me thinking. Lady Gaga is a woman who I idolise. What if she isnt what I expect? What if she turned out to be a complete cow? Surely I would understand that she meets a lot of fans on a daily basis so she would have to keep up the act.

I do have a lot of heroes. I would like to meet them all but only for 5 seconds so it’s not ruined. Even a smile and a hello will do me.

What about you? Have you ever met a celebrity that you admired? Was it enough? Did they turn out to be the person you thought they were?


  • I literally dream about the day I get to meet Nicole Kidman. I remember I had quite a vivid dream about meeting her one day and when I woke up I was SO upset it was only a dream!! But it felt so real so I just hope, by some accident I will get to meet her. x

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