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The measure of success

In a world where money talks it is easy to forget the real indicators of success. We spend so much time trying to figure out what we need to do to make a ‘success’ of our life that we don’t see all the indicators around and inside us to know that we can stop trying.

My light bulb moment has been more of a slowly illuminating energy bulb moment and today it finally gave off enough light for me to actually see that success should not be measured by a number on a pay slip or a perfect reflection in a mirror, it should be measured by contentment and being able to wake up happy in the knowledge that you are doing enough at this moment in time.

I have always felt that I should be doing more. I should be working more, earning more, doing more for my children and husband, keeping my house more organised, staying in touch more, talking more, laughing more, in general, just being more. Then today my daughter’s counsellor told me that, to my gorgeous little girl, I am enough because I am her mum. In fact she told me that I am the centre of her world and that she holds me in such regard that it is quite something to hear from such a little person.

This one simple thing was like a frying pan to the face. To those that matter, I am enough. I don’t need to prove anything more to them. In their eyes I am a success because I love them, I protect them, I care for them and without me there would be a hole in their lives.

Surely that is success, when you enrich the life of those close to you and in doing so you enrich your own life. Conquering the world, a fancy job title or a perfect home would not add any more to the life of those that really matter.

For now my circle is complete, full, busy and buzzy and for that reason I am a success and if anyone was to look more closely at their lives, I am sure they would realise they are more successful then they think, I can certainly name a few people who are!


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