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She Means Business- Time For Media Limited

If the stress of keeping up with what’s going down on Facebook and Twitter personally wasn’t enough, think about all the work you would have to do to keep up to date with social media from a business aspect. Surely, you would never leave your computer screen!

Time for Media is a new business specialising in helping companies with all things social media and teaching how it is so important to be technologically savvy when it comes to running a business.

This week, She Means Business chats to Julie Warters, founder of Time For Media. 

Tell us an outline of Time For Media
Time For Media works with any size of business to create and build a presence on Social Media. We offer set ups, campaigns, advice and full management of accounts. We also conduct audits to ensure that settings (especially privacy) are correct, and we run Workshop Training courses. Our new package is a Promotional Video Animation to market your business using fun, cool videos!

What made you start this business?
I had been talking about having my own business, to allow for more flexibility around both a young family and ailing parents, for a number of years! But it was only earlier this year that based on my strong IT and Project Management background that I decided working in Social Media was where I wanted to be. Not only am I passionate about helping other businesses, but I see the longevity within this business, as well as massive potential for growth. Leaving my job was slightly scary, but to be honest I haven’t looked back (I also haven’t had time to!) The name, Time For Media Limited, took the longest part of the process, but it is representing giving other businesses time to run their business whilst we work on their social media strategies.

What kind of businesses do you work with?
We work with a range of businesses, most especially when it comes to the Workshop Training and Business Training. We are working with small individual businesses through to larger sized establishments, and seem to have a higher percentage of hairdressers / beauticians / nail technicians and pub / restaurants, but we love anything where visual can be used, or we love the challenge to make and use our own visuals!

Is it hard to keep up with new technology and social media?
That is what drew me to this as a business – the fast pace of the technology. Even the established sites are making changes almost weekly, as well as new fads coming and going! It is a challenge, but we have lots of alerts and check certain feeds for ongoing information which we also share on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (so LIKE and FOLLOW us!). We love to second guess what might be the next new “Facebook” or what other social site someone might come up with.

With the amount of social media sites, is it hard to keep them all up to date within your business?
It can be, but with the scheduling tools it is more about creating great content up front and feeding that through your different sites. Instagram is pictures, YouTube is video, but each of these can have their own followers but also feed through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest Tumblr and Google+… Although each site has its own “voice” once you get used to it, you can tailor a similar message through each site.

What would you say to a business that is considering expanding onto social media?|
It’s an absolute MUST. There is a quote that we use in our presentations “Social media is big these days, but it’s not just another trend. It will be with us as long as the Internet, which means forever, or until the collapse of modern civilisation.” Social Media is not an overnight fix for any marketing, it takes time to build up your communities, so the sooner you start the more people you are going to have following you, and having your content and your business put in front of them.

What social media sites do businesses NEED to use in your opinion?
The simple answer is that it all depends on what your business is, and what social media sites you are comfortable on. We would never recommend a business just setting up on all social media platforms and hoping for the best! It is also worthwhile testing and seeing which ones work for you, but as a general rule of thumb, some work better for certain types of business, and here are a few ideas dependant on type of business:

  • IF YOU’RE A CREATIVE: Most social media platforms are easy to engage with, but the big ones for you will be the visually based. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Snap everything you’re doing and share it. Look at how you can tell your story using short video clips. Twitter is also a great way to connect to other creative’s and build collaborative opportunities.
  • IF YOU’RE IN THE FOOD AND DRINKS BUSINESS: Facebook and Instagram will work well as they’re visual but also give room for you to share offers and connect with customers. Pics of your food, chefs, people enjoying your meals and also the atmosphere of your venue if you have one. Get people to snap a picture of themselves eating your food and share it on Instagram with your hashtag, offer 10% discount on their next purchase.
  • IF YOU’RE BUSINESS TO BUSINESS: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to track and connect with potential clients / businesses.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I love road cycling and must be warped as I also love Metafit ! I have always had a passion for reading and love being out and about on my travels. I’m never happier than spending time with my family and enjoying a large glass of vino with good food!

What advice would you give to other women who are starting their own businesses?
It is hard, but SO worthwhile. There are days at the beginning when you can feel overwhelmed, and regardless of everything those Mind Monkeys are working away at you making you doubt yourself, your business concept, your ability to make money, feed your family…. But you can do it! Dig in deep and get yourself out there. Market, market, market and use all available tools and resources open to you. And probably the most important piece of advice, know what you can do and outsource to an Accountant / Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager those bits that you need help with. Don’t spread yourself too thin trying to do everything.

If you would like to connect with Time For Media Limited, here’s how:

Tel: 01325 526332

Mob: 07514 453889



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