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She Means Business- Sweet Tooth Delivery

Since shows like The Great British Bake Off aired on our T.V’s, Britain has definitely developed the baking bug, from cup cakes to cookies, cheesecake to sponge, we all love an excuse for a little slice of pud! For all you sweet toothed ladies out there, She Means Business interviews Kayley Smith this week, owner of Sweet Tooth Delivery, an American style dessert company in County Durham.

FYI- If you’re a baking disaster this company will soon have a delivery service!! Pass me the phone book!!

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What made you want to open up an American Style bakery in Durham?

The Americans do things extravagantly and so do we! I noticed a gap in the market to supply the folk of Durham with indulgent style cakes that you can’t buy anywhere else

Who bakes your cakes and where do you get your cake ideas?

7 days a week our team of bakers make everything on site, if you come to the store before 5pm you can catch them in action. It’s crazy to think we started with a £5 Tesco hand mixer and tiny little oven

I draw the cakes appearance and decide what they need to taste like, then we begin in the development kitchen

What is your favourite dessert that you deliver?

Hands down the Salted Caramel Cheese Wedge, very closely followed by the sticky toffee stack. I have one bite and just can’t stop!

You have worked in business since the age of 14! What do you love most about being a business owner?

The freedom! I’m very independent, it’s great working on something you have created from scratch. I love being under pressure and get bored easily so running businesses certainly keeps me on my toes.

Sweet Tooth Delivery is expanding with a new store opening before Christmas. What are the stresses that come with building upon your business?

To grow you need to ensure what you are expanding is water tight and can be ran without you being there all of the time. So documenting everything from day one is important and makes your life easier in the long run. Relinquishing responsibility at first can be hard, good training and support as an employer is crucial, keeping your staff happy creates a more productive workforce. You need to remember that you cannot grow without your staff.

Building up customers for a local business must rely heavily on marketing. What are your tips of letting people know about your business?

Understand who your customer is and where to market yourself to them, then find out where they will be and go to them. To target families we employed staff to dress up as giant cakes and hand out samples in the City centre on a Saturday and I spend hours a day on social media to target our younger customers

You sold your first successful business, a coffee shop, last year. Was it hard to let go of something you’d built up from scratch?

Not at all. The lady I sold the business to had lots of exciting ideas for the place, it was nice to pass it on to someone else to enjoy and build on I guess. I live local so still pop by for lunch, it’s good to reminisce.

Where do you see Sweet Tooth Delivery in the next 5 years?

A recognised brand on the UK high street with cake stores in as many towns & cities as we can!

And most importantly, how can we get some cake delivered to us?

Watch this space…. We are not far from launching our online UK delivery service, I’ll put you down on the testers mailing list!


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