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She Means Business- Sammy Anne’s

A trip to our local salon is sometimes all us girls need to relax after a busy week at work. Whether it be a long rejuvenating massage, a new nail colour or getting your locks chopped, we all need a little bit of beauty indulgence once in a while. Sammy Anne’s offers just that! Starting her own business at 18, Sammy is going from strength to strength in the beauty world, and keeping her clients in the North East pampered and looking gorgeous from head to toe.

Read on for this week’s instalment of She Means Business, with beauty salon owner, Sammy Anne. You never know, you could learn a beauty tip or two!

You first became self employed at the tender age of 18 whilst still studying. Were you worried that things might not work out?

There is always that worry & fear, but it scared me more being in a job that I didn’t care about and hated for the rest of my life. I did work part time though alongside my business & college to begin with until I was more established.

What inspired you to start your on beauty business, and not just work for an established spa or salon?

I started my own beauty business as when I first trained as an aromatherapist I did work at a spa, but I felt it was sometimes like a conveyor belt, there was no getting to know your clients or what they wanted out of the treatments. I felt that my treatments could benefit the client much more if I could get to know them better and allow myself a little longer with each client, making them feel special.

Sammy Anne’s set up was partly funded by The Prince’s Trust. How did you get involved with the charity and how has it benefitted your business?

I researched The Princes Trust on the internet, applied and then attended an interview and was accepted onto a course for 4 days. I have got to admit that before the course I thought I knew it all, but they certainly opened my eyes to areas I had not thought about. They helped me make a business plan and I have a business mentor for 2 years who I meet up with every few weeks to discuss any problems or new ideas I have. They also gave me a start up loan which I am repaying at a very low rate of interest.

What is your favourite treatment that you offer and why?

Thats a tough one! I love all my treatments for different reasons. I go through phases of which one is my favourite. At the moment it is probably my Facials. I spent a long time developing them so I can provide the most relaxing facial possible for my clients.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

You get a client who may come in suffering from stress/anxiety or are just overwhelmed by general life, and giving them a treatment like reflexology helps relax and balance them. They leave feeling totally different to when they arrive and always in a good way. Taking all the stress away and making a client feel relaxed is just such a lovely feeling.

Do you employ other therapists? How do they contribute to your business?

I don’t employ anyone (yet!) but I do have colleagues who rent a room from me who have their own business. There is a Physio, Acupuncturist, counsellor and a nail technician who all work from the shop on a part time basis.

Working in the beauty industry, do you ever feel pressure to look perfect all the time?

No way! Obviously you have to look smart and clean for work. But I hardly ever wear make-up for work. Beauticians do get stereotyped for wearing lots of make-up and fake eye lashes. I feel that their job isn’t to make you pile on make-up and feel self conscious. It is to make you feel good and more confident about yourself whatever your appearance.

Give us a beauty tip!

Once a month do something that is just for you, whether it is having a treatment, going for a walk on the beach, having a bath and reading a book. Whatever relaxes you and makes you feel good, as being tired and stressed all the time can effect your health/mood so much. Always have something to look forward to even if it is just a bath!

You’re going back into education this year to build onto your training in other beauty areas in order to become qualified in more treatments. How do you balance work, study and play?

It can be hard at times but when I became self employed I didn’t want it to take over my social life (which it did at the start). It is easy to get a little bit too much of a workaholic to the point where you will be out for a meal with friends and replying to work emails/answering your phone etc. It does take time to get the right balance. I love my work but everyone needs to switch off every now and then!

What’s the next step for Sammy Annes?

Some very exciting developments are happening over the next few months but that is all I can say at the moment! Watch this space.

What would you say to any other women who were thinking of starting their own business from scratch?

Lots of research, ask for help and try it or you may never know!

For more information about Sammy Annes, or to book a treatment, check out their website here.


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